N Parker

Springfield, IL



SGS Investigators – Debbie Lowery, Larry Ball Jr, Larry Ball Sr

Investigation at 8:30pm



Client states she has lived in this house going on 9 years this August.  Some of the things that have happened since they moved in:


TV turned off by itself with everyone in the room. 


Client was working on her computer in her bedroom listening to a radio that’s in the kitchen.  The radio went silent and she thought it was just a break in the broadcast so she waited for it to come back on.  It has a knob you have to turn to turn it on and off.  When it didn’t come back on she went in to see what was wrong.  The radio had been turned off.  She was the only one home at the time.


Client woke early one morning around 3:15.  She got up to go to the bathroom.  While she was up she noticed the outdoor umbrella was open and it was about to storm so she put the umbrella down.  She went back to bed and heard over the baby monitor a tapping noise.  She went to the baby’s bedroom door and the noise stopped.


Between 3pm – 5pm one day her husband was in the bedroom using the computer and he heard what he thought was the clientcoming home from work.  It sounded like she came in the back door and walked through the kitchen.  When he didn’t hear her anymore he got up to see.  He looked everywhere but couldn’t find her.  He looked outside and the clientwas just pulling into the driveway from work.


Client used to have a dresser in her bedroom with a tri-fold mirror.  Her bedroom is located off the kitchen.  Her X boyfriend at the time was in her bedroom using the computer when he saw in the tri-fold mirror a small girl walk through the kitchen with a white flowing gown on.  He went to investigate and could find nothing.  This happened during the day on a weekend.


Both her daughters have told her that they didn’t like the bedroom that little brother is sleeping in now.  When daughter slept in this bedroom she states she heard something call her name from the bedroom closet.  Now little brother sleeps in this bedroom.  Lately he has been waking up in the middle of the night screaming.  What prompted the clientto call us was when he woke up screaming monster – girl and pointing towards the closet.  He does have a Halloween doorbell item he plays with that he calls a monster that’s in his room.


Toys have gone off in his room in the middle of the night.  One of them was the Halloween doorbell.


He has started running out of his room looking behind him like something scared him.  He also has started to go into a room, hesitates and turns around like he saw something.


There is a shaving mirror that hangs in the shower.  Daughter states while she was taking a shower she looked in this mirror and saw a girls face behind her.  Now she turns the mirror down.


Client found the baby monitor in the kitchen turned off.  She asked the daughter if she turned it off.  Daughter said yes because there was a strange noise on it.  She said it sounded like tapping.  Client had heard tapping on the monitor before.


When daugher slept in little brother’s bedroom she was so uncomfortable that she moved in with her sister before sister moved out.  Daughter has stated that she can tell something is in this room also. 


The cat they have has acted like it’s watching something in daughters’s bedroom.


Everyone in the family has heard unexplained noises.




We started out investigation around 8:30pm.  Client gave us a rundown of things that have happened in the house.  I started taking pictures all over the house while Larry and Larry Sr setup their equipment in little son’s bedroom.  I set my video recorder up in the living room facing the kitchen in hopes to catch movement.  Larry Sr used dowsing rods to ask questions and allowed the client to hold the dowsing rods to ask questions.   I witnessed what looked like responses to some questioning.  They took pictures, videos and conducted evp sessions.  They also took readings on the emf meter.


I setup an analog audio tape recorder on the kitchen table.

I entered daughter’s room and shut the bedroom door.  We had been there close to 1 ˝ hours.  I had with me an etch-a-sketch that I laid on the daughter’s bed.  I also had a digital tape recorder that I also laid on the daughter’s bed.  I sat on the other bed and laid a K2 meter down on the bed next to me.  I asked if there were any spirits in the room to come closer to me.  After several attempts the K2 meter started responding.  I believe I had a spirit in the room with me and I felt it was a small child.  The K2 meter has colored lights that light up as energy gets close.  When I started the main green light was lit.  Then after much coaxing to come closer a second green light lit up.  Then it would go out.  This happened several times as I asked the spirit to come closer.  The yellow light lit up a couple of times and then all activity seemed to stop.  I ended my investigation around 10:30pm.




Nothing was noted on the pictures I took.  There were 2 pictures that had an orb in them (1,2) and one was a picture of the tv screen.  On the tv screen it looked like a few heads with faces but it could be smudges on the screen and it just looked that way.  The orbs were not anything to be concerned with.  The SGS members will be able to give their opinions at the SGS meeting in August.

Nothing remarkable on the video.

I did pick up a couple of evps on the analog audio recorder (on kitchen table) and a few on the digital tape recorder (in daughter's bedroom).  On the analog recorder there is an evp that is a sentence.  It’s hard to understand the first part but the second part says “help me, ok?”  It was a female voice that sounded like a grown child or young adult.  I was in the bedroom with the door shut and you can hear the client talking in the background.  We were the only females there that night.  The other evp I picked up on the analog recorder was one that sounds like it says, “Jeremy once lived here.”  It’s a c grade and can only be heard with earphones.


The evps on the digital tape recorded were better.  All of them were captured as I talked to the spirit in the room.  I did find out the name of this spirit.  It sounds like a small child with the name of Megan (Meghan).  She told me, “I’m Meghan.”  As I coaxed her to come closer to the K2 meter she spoke, “Color”.  I noticed on the recorder in the kitchen that picked up Larry and Larry Sr’s  evp questioning session they thought they heard someone yawn.  They asked if the spirit was tired and would like to go to bed.  On my digital tape recorder in the bedroom there was a response of “Nap”, which I didn’t understand until I heard the Larry’s questioning session.  Then towards the end of my questioning I was coaxing the child to make another color light up.  I asked her what color she thought would be next.  In between my questions you can hear her say, “Purple”.  A clear response to my question.


The Larry’s also received some evps.  One was in response to a question of, Is son to young?  Answer “Yes”.  Another, Do you remember what the cats name is?  Answer “Snuggles”.  More - tell him, Jodi, leave me.

They did not get anything on digital pictures.  Nothing on video.


In my opinion what we captured this night was evidence of 3 spirits.  One was a male’s voice answering a question with “Jodi”.  The answers to the other questions were answered by an older female and a female child.

We would most certainly like to come back to this home to further investigate.


Debbie Lowery