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At Jennifer's House



By Debbie Lowery and Jennifer Bertoni


Jennifer and Eric started out their married life in a small mobile home in Rochester, IL. Here strange things happened. They had a small baby and every so often Jenny would check on her while she slept. Sometimes Jenny would notice the baby would have her bottle, even though on the previous checks the bottle would be laying at the end of the bed or off to the side of the baby. The baby was too little to retrieve her own bottle. Also, Jenny said the baby would sometimes be crying in her bed and all of a sudden, stop. Jenny would go in and check on her and the baby would be laying there cooing at something up towards the ceiling, like she was looking at someone.

Jenny also said there were times when the toilet would flush on its own and lights would turn on and off by themselves. They thought all of this was strange.

They moved out into an apartment, still in Rochester. Jenny said things happened there also, including feeling something crawl in bed with them at night. They had a water bed at the time. Her husband also experienced this. It was too unnerving to them. They got rid of the water bed and bought a regular bed. They could still feel it crawl into bed, but it didn't shake the bed as bad. They accepted whatever this was.


Eventually they moved out of the apartment into another mobile home in Riverton, Il. Slowly things started happening then also. The only real thing they noticed was the feeling of something crawling in bed with them. Jenny said she would wake up in the middle of the night with what felt like a weight on her arm and chest. She would be sweating in that area only and be a little red, as if something had been lying on her. This experience happened quite often. Her husband noticed it, but not as much as Jenny did.

One night he went to bed before Jenny did. The next morning he asked her why she didn't stay in bed the night before. She told him she slept on the couch all night. He said he felt her get into bed and when he looked, she was there in a white nightgown. She told him she didn't go to bed because she as having problems coughing and she slept better in the recliner. Besides, she didn't have a white nightgown. He wouldn't sleep in the bedroom for quite a while after that.

We contacted Troy Taylor and asked him to do an investigation. He suggested we set up a video camera in the bedroom some night and see if we get anything on film. This was in July of 1997. We did this and we did get a ball of light on the recording. Troy and his crew came down and did an investigation. Although they never filmed anything, their EMF meter was very active at times.

We have personally done investigations on our own since then. We have filmed the ball of light again. We have not gotten anything on pictures yet to this date. As time goes on, it seems this entity is either getting braver or stronger.

Throughout the fall this spirit has been pulling on Jenny's sleeve. She feels that the presence is much stronger. Sometimes when she is standing at the counter in the kitchen and turns to walk away, she feels like she is going to trip over a child at her feet but nothing is there. She says she is seeing something gray or dark in color in her hallway by the bathroom door more often than before.


October 10, 1997

Since it seemed like this activity was getting stronger and increasing we decided to do another investigation. This time I used my video camera to tape. We started taping around 10:30 pm. Jenny and I laid down in her bed. I had the picture camera and instructed Jenny that we would take pictures if she felt anything on the bed. Twice she felt something. One time I might have felt something on my leg, but it could have been a tight muscle. We took pictures both times. After one hour we got up and went to the living room. The tape played until 12:30 am. The next day, in viewing the tape, towards the end of the film, which would be around 12:10 am, a ball of light came from the foot of the bed up and out of sight. One of the pictures we took at the time Jenny was saying she felt it on the bed, has what seems to appear as a baby in it. It looks like its lying on its side, wrapped in a blanket. It might be our imagination, purely coincidental, but we outlined it and that is what it looked like.



baby on bed - click to enlarge close up of baby on bed - click to enlarge


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October 16, 1997

Jenny had an experience she has never had before. She was in the shower off of her bedroom. Her husband was home watching their children. She locked her bedroom door for her privacy. She said she was in the shower when a bubble the size of a softball floated from somewhere in the bathroom over the shower curtain rod into the shower with her. She thought one the kids got in somehow and was blowing bubbles. She stuck her head out of the curtain and no one else was in the room. She put her finger up to touch the bubble and it wouldn't pop. She pulled her hand away and it stayed there. She swung at it trying to hit it, but missed, so she clapped her hands together with it in the center. She opened her hands to see if it was gone and she said it floated out of her hands back over the top of the shower curtain. At that moment she ran out of the bathroom and it was gone. She said she couldn't really feel the bubble when she touched it. It had a pink cast with a little green, but her shower curtain is pink so it could have been a reflection. According to Jenny she had not in anyway caused a formation of bubbles, especially to that size and toughness.


October 17, 1997

Conducted an investigation. Set up a video camera and took pictures. Nothing happened.


January 8, 1998

Jenny says she went into her bedroom around 8:30 pm and found her side of the bedspread was completely pulled up and thrown over her husband's side of the bed, from head to toe. She didn't think her kids could have done that good of a job but passed it off as a possibility.


January 9, 1998

Jenny was in her room around 9:15 pm feeding her cat in the connecting bathroom when she heard a low humming noise. She looked up and saw a bubble come into her room, it hovered over her bed, then moved toward the window. At that time, Jenny backed up against the sink because it startled her. It stopped and then started moving out of the room, going down the hallway. Jenny ran after it to see where it was going. When she got into the living room it had disappeared. All of her children were sound asleep at the time and her husband was gone.


January 10, 1998

Conducted an investigation. Set up a video camera in the hallway and took pictures. Also used and EMF meter. Nothing unusual happened that night.


January 16, 1998

This was a Friday night. We had all met at the local restaurant for dinner and it was late when Jenny and Becki (Jenny's sister whom lives next door to her) got home. They both put their children to bed between 8:45 & 9:00 pm.

They were talking on the phone along with another friend in a three way conversation when Jennifer said she heard that low humming noise again coming from her hallway. She was in her living room at the time.

She asked Becki to look out her window and see if she could see anything in her hallway. Becki, being a skeptic, jokingly laughed and told Jenny there was nothing there on her way to look. To Becki's shock and surprise she saw a light in the hallway. She turned away from it and then looked back and she said it looked like the light on Poltergeist around the kid's bedroom door, very bright and pulsating. She looked away again and when she looked back she said it looked like the light had traveled past all of the bedroom doors and was moving toward the living room. All she could see was light and it seemed to be blinking on and off.

Jenny ran into the kitchen. The noise stopped and the light disappeared. Nothing else happened that night.


January 31, 1998

Jenny was home with the kids. It had been a long day and Jenny was anxious for the children to go to bed. She had put the kids down and was checking on them. The two oldest were asleep and the littlest was almost there.

She went into the living room. Around 9:00 pm the littlest one started crying. She went in to see about him and when she did he was sitting up in bed pointing towards the window. She noticed on panel of his curtain was tossed over the top of the rod. She thought to herself he had been playing with the curtains and frightened himself with something outside. She pulled the curtain panel down and closed the curtains together tight and told him to go back to sleep. He finally settled down and fell back off to sleep.

A few minutes later she heard him start crying again, only this time he was screaming. She ran in there and he was sitting in his bed pointing underneath the bed saying "that". She thought the cat had gotten in there and scared him. He sleeps in a toddler bed so she lifted it up and looked and the cat was not there. He was visibly upset. She asked him what the problem was and he kept pointing under his bed saying "that". Then he pointed towards the window again. This time both curtain panels were pulled up over the rod. She thought to herself there was no way he could reach the rod to put the curtains over it. He is only 2 years old. She stood him on the headboard of his bed to see if he could reach from there. He was too short. She quickly pulled the curtains down and carried him out into the family room.

He kept saying he saw PaPa with a baby. Jenny told him PaPa was at his house. He started calling him a guy at that point. After about an hour he said the guy went out the window in the living room. He calmed down after that. Jenny let him sleep with her and her husband that night. The other two children were not involved.


July 25, 1998

Kendra, their oldest child, was watching a video tape around 11:00 pm in the living room. Everyone else was in bed. The pets were with her in the living room. She heard what sounded like a kitchen chair move. She ran to her parents bedroom and told her parents what she heard. Jenny and Eric got up and checked in the kitchen. One of the kitchen chairs had been moved to in front of the kitchen doorway.


July 29, 1998
8:00 pm

When Jenny came home from shopping, she entered her front door and heard a child laugh. Toys were spread all over the hallway floor from Zachary's bedroom door to her bedroom door. The children had gone with her and the toys were not there when they left. She could here a noise coming from her bedroom. When she investigated she found her bedspread all whirled up in a ball on her bed, her bed pillow was laying lengthwise with a doll laying on it. The bed had been neatly made before she left for the store. The television in her room was on with the volume full blast.


August 1, 1998
7:30 pm

Kendra came running into the living room from the bedroom area saying someone was walking behind her. She could hear them but could not see them.


10:30 pm

Meghan ran into her bedroom to get her pillow and saw what she described as a shadow of an arm in front of her bedroom window.


August 4, 1998

Kendra walked into Jenny's bedroom and saw with her description, a ghost tail. A bright light with a tail was over the bed. It disappeared through the wall that separates Jenny's bedroom from the girls bedroom.


August 10, 1998

Kendra awoke for what ever reason, she didn't know why. She looked towards her bedroom door and saw a ball of light rolling on the floor. She said it looked like it had points on it. It rolled from the washer/dryer area towards Jenny's bedroom. Kendra said it rolled around in her bedroom doorway and acted like it was going to come in her bedroom but moved on towards Jenny's. She got out of bed and looked in the hallway and it was gone. There was no noise associated with this that she remembers.


August 7, 1998
9:30-10:00 pm

Zachary said a baby was in his room and it pulled his shirt.


August 18, 1998
8:30 pm

Zachary was in the front bathroom and Jenny's friend Bridgette was visiting. She went back to Jenny's room to use the master bathroom. Eric and Jenny were in the kitchen when Zachary started screaming like he was hurt. They went running to him and he told them the baby was in the bathroom and scared him. When they asked him where the baby was at that time, he said, "In Mommy and Daddy's Room." They carried him out of the bathroom. At that time, Bridgette came from the back bathroom panicking saying she got really uncomfortable coming out of Jenny's bedroom. She said she felt two very cold spots. Zachary said the baby is a big baby, a girl with yellow hair.

On different occasions after that, Zachary has told his parents that the baby pulls his shirt and makes funny noises at him.


August 20, 1998
9:15 pm

Bridgette and Jenny were in the kitchen playing Yahtzee when Zachary came in from the living room crying saying the baby took his tippy cup. He was very upset. When asked where the baby went, Zachary led them down the hallway to Jenny's bedroom. There they found the tippy cup laying by the bathroom door. He started screaming at the baby to not take his cup again.


August 22, 1998
9:00 pm

Jenny's friend Pam and her 2 daughters were there and the children were all sitting on the floor in the living room coloring. Somehow, Kendra and Jacqueline's crayons disappeared. They were found later in the trash can in the kitchen. No one had moved out of the living room before noticing the crayons were gone.


August 25, 1998
9:15 pm

Zachary got up about 1 hour after going to bed carrying a doll saying, "Baby dead". When asked who said that, he said, "Bob" and that he was outside now but he had been in his room. He then started talking about the baby again saying "Men did it". He made the noise of a gun shooting that he says the baby makes. When he was told to go to bed he said no because the baby was in his room. To try to make him feel better, Jenny told him the baby was spending the night at Grandma's house. He then asked "Did she walk?" He never would go back into his room that night. Bob was gone but the baby was still there.


August 26, 1998
4:45 am

Jenny was in her back bathroom of her bedroom getting ready for the day when she heard a child say "mommy". She thought to herself, "Boy is this going to be a long day, considering the time". She replied with, "What?" There was no answer. She turned around to see which child it was. There was no one there, but a light in the hallway very low to the ground. She didn't actually see a form but it was a hazy lit up area.


September 4, 1998
9:40-11:40 pm

Only three members were at this investigation. We had set the video camera up in the hallway facing Jenny's bedroom. It was placed on a tripod in front of the washer and dryer. The three of us were sitting in the living room talking when we heard what sounded like a wild cat growl in the hallway. In viewing the tape the next day, that was not the only thing that went on. Several globals were seen on the tape. Interference was noticed on the video tape. An hour or so after we heard the growl, their house cat walked down the hallway to Jenny's bedroom. Upon exiting the bedroom, the video camera taped her being very cautious and curious. She was watching something above the video camera. Globals were seen to pass by her. All of a sudden, something hit the video camera and shook. She was staring at the camera when this happened. As chance would have it, the filmed ended soon after that. The only thing we noticed was the growl that night. We had no idea all that was going on in the hallway. Jenny's children were not in the house on this particular night.

After this time there was a big break in the the investigations because of personal obligations. It wasn't until the beginning of the year 2000 that we were able to get back into investigating the strange occurences happening at this home. In January of 2000 I was able to form the Springfield Ghost Society, so any investigations done after this time were down under the Springfield Ghost Society name.


May 5, 2000-May 31, 2001

The Springfield Ghost Society has conduct a total of 5 investigations at this home. In the following I will relate some of the happenings that have been going on during this time period. I will also point out if anything was picked up on any investigation.

Beginning in the year 2000 a dark grey shadow has been noticed lurking around the house. It has been seen on many occasions by Jenny and several of her friends and family.

Jenny has reported seeing a man in turquoise colored pants and a white shirt but only when she is cleaning her bathroom. This has happened several times. Each time as she was cleaning the bathroom, she got the feeling of being watched. She looks over her shoulder and he's standing there in the doorway watching her. She states she has seen him clearly but does not know him.

One night Meghan work up to see her sister Kendra walk into the room and walk through a dresser that is against a wall in the room that they share. Becoming alarmed at this, she checked her sister's bed, only to find her sound asleep.

Meghan has talked of seeing and hearing 2 little people by the name of Anna and Jason. She states they come out of a tiny hole in the wall. She says they are children and they like to hide from their mother. She has heard on occasion a woman calling their names, "Anna...Jason". Just to note, in examining the hole, we found blue glitter in the opening.

At one time, all five family members witnessed a little blond hair child run from the back hallway through the living room and out the living room door. The child hit the door with such force it that it swung open and slammed shut. Eric ran to the door to look out to see if he could tell who it was and there was no one there. They have a deck with a gate that has a lock on it. It would of taken the child a few minutes to get the gate open. Their children started crying and asking who it was. Jenny called around to the neighbors to see if any of their children had been out playing, thinking possibly they had wondered into the home. No one could help them. It still remains a mystery.

During one investigation, I set up a video camera and let it run while they were gone. During that time, a whistle was heard and twice it sounded like the kitchen chairs were moving.

They continued having all the signs of a haunting, globals being seen, noises and sounds being heard. The feeling of being watched and in Jenny's case seeing the apparition watching. Unfortunately for us on June 1st, 2001 they moved from that house but not all has been lost. I have talked with her and with living in their new home for 2 months, unexplained things have started happening. So although I am closing the final chapter on this house, I will be opening a new chapter on the Curran Rd. house where they are presently located. Check in every now and then and see what has been happening.


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