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Thank you for your interest in The Springfield Ghost Society. As the oldest investigative paranormal group in the greater Springfield area, we have a responsibility to the community to uphold the highest standards of honesty, integrity and quality in what we do. In a field like the paranormal, you are often faced with things that are unexplainable and the way these matters are handled is most important to our reputation and to our clients well being. The need to have experienced investigators with those less experienced is always kept in mind and quality guidance for new members is provided. It is very important to us that the proper image and conduct on residential and business investigations be maintained and that is why we are the top group in Springfield. The invitation of unknown people into ones home or business is a trust we hold in high regard. We welcome new members 18years and olders. We ask all new members be active within the society and have at least a camera (film or digital) and an audio recorder (tape or digital) to use on investigations. Knowledge on how to download the audio and video to the computer and how to save to a file in case evidence is found is a plus.  We have members who will help you with this if need be.  Non-refundable dues of $10.00 a year help us offset costs for the website and of course we are a non-profit and do not charge for investigations.  Help in deciding what to use and finding equipment is always available. We welcome your interest and look forward to getting to know you better.


Please open this application, print it, fill it out and mail it to me with your dues.  Mailing information is at the bottom of the application.  If you have any questions about the membership please contact me at debbie.lowery@comcast.net or call 217-414-4678.

Membership Form    (This is a pdf file.  You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open it)

I reserve the right to cancel your membership at any given time due to misconduct or unappropriate actions.  Dues will not be refunded.





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