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4th Street Private Residence



Investigation Report
By Roberta Van Huss



Date: November 12, 2004

Time: 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Weather conditions: Temperature:  37  Barometric Pressure:    30.47 
Humidity: 59%  
Dew Point: 24 o


Moon Phase: New Moon Ė 0% illuminated
Solar X-rays:               Normal
Geomagnetic Field   Storm

Members Present: Roberta Van Huss , Debbie Lowery, Carl Jones


Equipment used: Digital Camera EMF Meter Digital Tape Recorder Other:  Film



8:55 PM  Went to use 35MM camera and the setting on back was reset to when first purchased a couple of months ago. Had checked it before leaving home and setting was okay. 

9:08 PM  Had noticed recorder had shut off on itself while sitting in cell phone portion of my fanny pack. This was while standing in dining room on the first floor apartment.

9:17 PM  Pulled out digital camera in attic and saw the screen had been turned on. The only way to turn the digital on is to either slide back the lens cover or press a small button on the back of camera twice quickly.

9:21 PM  Had received a photo of a bright orb with my digital camera. Since I use the viewfinder and not the screen I didnít see the orb through the camera. (See Attic2.jpg) Several other photos of light orbs were taken but because the photo was taken in an attic, it is suspected to be dust.

9:31 PM  Digital camera quit while in attic. Had changed batteries before investigation.

9:40 PM  Film jammed in 35MM camera.

9:45 PM  From 8:30 up to this point had been using EMF meter and hadnít received any reading nor did I sense anything.

9:50 PM  Had seen a gray shadow in the upper right hand corner of the living room in the upstairs apartment for a brief moment.

9:53 PM  Heard what sounded like a pan dropping in the kitchen area while sitting in the upstairs apartment. Had had recorder on the entire time with the mic clipped to my shirt so did record this. (See Bang in Kitchen.mp3)

Click here to listen to Bang in kitchen.mp3

10:30 PM  Never did receive an EMF reading though in the kitchen it had registered the microwave. Due to many other equipment malfunctions including Debbieís video camera, it could very well have been malfunctioning as well. 

11:12 PM  At home I was able to reset the back of my 35MM camera, and reload the film with no problem. Because my digital recorder creates a new file each time it is turned off and on, I noticed it had turned off and on an additional 3 times on itís own without me knowing it. I tested my EMF meter at home and it was as sensitive as ever. Processed film and nothing out of the ordinary was taken.

Roberta Van Huss  

SGS Charter Member 



Investigation Report
By Carl Jones 



Date: November 12th, 2004

Time: 8:30pm - 10:30pm

Weather conditions:   

Moon Phase: New Moon Ė 0% illuminated

Equipment:  EMF Reader, Camera

Members Present: Debbie, Roberta, Carl Others present: three adults, three children


Arrived at home at 8:30 pm.

  • Talked with owners/renters for a while before beginning investigation.
  • Walked through main level
  • Investigated the attic, got slight feelings in attic of perhaps something, not real strong though.
  • Investigated main level better, took some EMF readings (nothing unusual), also some thermal readings (nothing unusual).
  • Walked upstairs to view that apartment, also slight feeling there of possibly something.
  • Investigated basement, seemed normal.
  • Photos taken on all levels of home, a few orbs, but nothing much else.
  • Man of home kept stating that a spirit, a male he said, kept talking to him, and one time he felt him as a cold area, also said he seen a gray egg shaped orb in back hallway.
  • Woman of home went trance like while sitting in chair, doesnít know why. Took her outside for fresh air which seemed to help.
  • While talking to both owners and leaning against doorway frame between the living room and dining room on the main floor, I heard what sounded like about 4 very heavy breathe sounds in my right ear, told them to be quiet, but by that time it had stopped.
  • Sometimes got feelings on main floor that something was near or in the chair in the corner of the room on the main floor in living room.
  • If there is a spirit there, Iím not entirely sure that it is male, as the owner stated. I never picked up a feeling one way or the other regarding male/female orientation.
  • I think this home warrants another investigation under more calm circumstances, with perhaps less people present. There may very well be a spirit in the home, but I donít think that it causes any problems other than making noises and startling them occasionally.
  • I ran a digital voice recorder for about 80 minutes in the dining room of main floor, but it seemed too garbled with everyone talking so much that I wasnít able to determine if there were any EVPís.


 Carl Jones
SGS Charter Member




Investigation Report
By Debbie Lowery



Date: November 12th, 2004

Time: 8:30pm - 10:30pm

Weather conditions:   

Moon Phase: New Moon Ė 0% illuminated

Equipment:  Digital Camera, Tape recorder EMF Reader 

Members Present: Debbie, Roberta, Carl Others present: three adults, three children


I received a phone call from the people of this home with complaints of unexplainable activity going on in their home. 

Some of the things happening:

  • Hearing weird noises

  • Footsteps upstairs

  • Attic door sounds like it squeaks open

  • Cologne smell

  • Front door opens and shuts by itself

  • Something taps on their windows

  • They have felt something touch their skin

  • Items go missing

  • Thermostat turned up

  • Children voices have been heard

  • A chiming sound

  Arrival time:  8:30pm 

We talked to the home owners and then had a tour of the home.  This home is 50+ years old.  It has a full attic, second floor, main floor and full basement.  There is a maids staircase going up from the kitchen area to the attic and second floor.

I took several digital pictures and ran 2 tape recorders.  I set my video camera up on the second floor but for some reason it did not tape.  Iím assuming it was a malfunction on the cameras part but it has worked fine since. 

Nothing stood out during the investigation except the lady of the home experienced a frightening episode of feeling like something ran through her. 

Investigation ended around 10:00pm. 

After listening to my audio tape I believe I got some EVPs.  My pictures produced a few orbs and one questionable side view of a face. 

 EVP's submitted by Debbie Lowery recorded at this investigation

Click here to listen to "I'm pretty much immature"

Click here to listen to "Go home Debbie Lowery"


Debbie Lowery