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Greenwood Cemetery

Decatur, Illinois

Greenwood Cemetery is located on the south side of Decatur IL. The cemetery became incorporated in 1857, but burials took place there much earlier than that.

This cemetery is reported to be one of the most haunted places in the area. Some of the Haunted Tales include the Greenwood Bride, the weeping girl on the Barrackman Staircase, the old Mausoleum, (which was torn down in the 1960's), ghost lights, and many more stories.

Greenwood Cemetery is also located near Lake Decatur. There are stories of floods that washed away caskets and bodies. Some bodies were never identified and were reburied in unmarked graves. It is told that the spirits in the unmarked graves wander the grounds, seemingly lost souls, possibly searching for their identities?

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Greenwood Civil War Section mist
Submitted by
Debbie Lowery SGS President
Greenwood Cemetery fog
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Debbie Lowery SGS President
Greenwood Cemetery apparition
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Gayle Hanson SGS Charter Member

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