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November, 2017                                                                        Founded January 2000


This group is different in many aspects from other ghost groups.  We don't welcome fame and fortune.  We don't want to be on a television show or be known to the entertainment world.  We don't advertise, we are found only by internet searches or word of mouth.  We are here for you and your paranormal encounters.


The purpose of this group is to evaluate and investigate reports of paranormal activity in the central Illinois area. We are all in this group for one reason, the need and desire to learn more about the unknown.  We want to help you understand what is happening in your home or to you and we do this by working with you on your paranormal needs. We work with the public by doing presentations in hopes to educate people about the paranormal world.  We do not purposely try to make the spirits leave during our investigations nor do we antagonize.  Moving the spirits on takes a very special talent and we will get you in contact with someone who has this talent if need be.  Our hopes are that we can work with the spirits to find out their needs and in doing so this satisfies the spirit which in turn makes them want to move on. There is no guarantee though and many times the choice is to either to live peacefully with the spirits or move. Sometimes, just having someone tell you you're not crazy is all you need.

We need places to investigate to continue our research. Be assured, only experienced and professional researchers will be doing the investigations. If anyone has unusual things happening that you can't explain, please contact us so we can help you.

We can help by answering questions, giving advice or conducting a free investigation. Our contact information is posted at the top of this page.


After listening to the evps under the investigations tab and you have an opinion, a question or a suggestion please email, text or call me with it.  We are always interested in what you think.


What's Happening?

SGS Meeting October 8, 2017 at 2:00pm

                              4205 W. Wabash, Springfield, IL

                              Coldwell Banker Office

                              Park in the back of the building off of Yucan Drive

                              Enter second door from the east end

                              There is plenty of parking in the back

No one will be able to hear you bang on the front door.

Springfield Ghost Society is looking for members who are excited about learning about the paranormal and want to go on investigations!
Springfield Ghost Society is looking for investigations!



"Ghosts are intriguing to some of us but to the majority of people a paranormal experience is heart stopping, remember that when speaking with them."


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No question is stupid so please don't hesitate to ask.  If you have a question or just want to talk about a possible paranormal happening please contact me at debbie.lowery@comcast.net or call me at 217-414-4678.


Membership is OPEN -

Have you always wanted to find answers to that secret deep down question, "Do ghosts really exist?" If you're interested in working with others trying to find proof that ghosts exist and you're interested in helping other people cope with unexplained happenings, then this group is for you. Go to the Membership page and download the membership form and mail it to the address at the bottom of the form (age requirement enforced - 18+).

Not for the faint of heart!


Do you have pictures or audio recordings containing something paranormal?  Feel free to send it to debbie.lowery@comcast.net and I'll post it here on the website. Write up a little blurb about it if you want to explain it. It's always fun to share!


A picture was taken of a memorial.  Nothing has been touched up.  Looks like an orb moving over the stones.

Weeds are out of focus at the front of the stones. White mist.  Any ideas?


A person took a picture of her daughter at New Salem State Park in Petersburg, IL. Someone else looks like they wanted to get in on the picture.
Close up of white mist behind the girl. Can anyone tell what this is? Person took a picture in her house and got this. Do you have any idea what this is? Family picture was taken. Another little girl was looking at it and remarked that another baby was in the picture. Can anyone see another?
Took a selfie in the mirror.  Noticed in the picture down by her stomach in the black area there was a face looking back at her. Close up of this area. Another picture with nothing showing in the black area but in a different spot. 
Close up.  Any ideas? Someone sent this to me and said they captured this picture in pitch black.  Any thoughts?

(From sender)This picture was taken in 2003 ( I believe) when my husband and I went to Alton, Illinois with my brother and some girlfriends. My husband is a professional photographer and he took this picture. We had a role of 27 exp..........4 pictures only showed up on the whole role of film. This picture was taken right in front of the "sun room"..........we went from cold to completely dead cold! If you look through the picture, you can see the sun room and windows in the background. Ghostly or alien, what do you think?

Black figure at Norb Andy's Tavern    
Black shadow figure at Norb Andy's Tavern (from sender)    







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