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March 31, 2017


Investigators:  Debbie, Cheryl, Rhonda


Investigation started at 1:00pm


This is a mobile home in which the client, husband and son moved into in 2002.  The husband and son always said something was in the mobile home.  They saw shadows and heard noises but the wife did not experience anything so she did not believe them.  Husband passed away on September 5, 2015.   Mother passed away on June 5, 1997.  Mother was very protective of her daughter and very vocal if she didn’t like the way things were going.  The activity did not start until June 2016 when the client’s boyfriend moved in.  The client’s boyfriend said he heard something tell him to “Get Out” while he sat at the kitchen table one day. He wants to know why it wants him out.


Reported activity by the client:


I’ve experienced many as has my son and my boyfriend. It’s opened all my kitchen cabinets, heard footprints in my hallway, felt a hand on my shoulder, I’ve seen an orb, seen shadows. One morning I got up early in the morning and when I walked through my living room my vacuum sweeper was lying over on the floor and a floor lamp was lying on the floor.  My hanging light in my kitchen was swinging and there was no wind to move it my son and me both seen it. My boyfriend and me have both heard a single voice, cold chills. We need help last night was the last straw when i felt a hand on my right shoulder and i was in bed with that shoulder on the bed and at the same time my fan, which is on every night, almost shut off then after the hand touch me it went back to full speed.


We started our investigation by talking with the client and her boyfriend.  I carried an audio recorder on my person.  Another audio recorder was laid on the coffee table in the living room.  KII was also on the coffee table.  One game camera was placed in the master bedroom facing the hallway.  Another game camera was placed on the kitchen counter facing the living room and was later moved to a living room shelf facing the living room and hallway. I walked around taking pictures and also asking questions as I moved from room to room.  At the end of the investigation we all sat around in the living room asking questions of the spirits in hopes of getting answers.



The KII did not react at all during the investigation.  I did get a few evps on both of the audio recorders.  Nothing was found on either game camera.  Nothing was found on the pictures taken.

Cheryl reported while in the master bedroom an orb flew past her but it was too fast for her to get it in a picture.  As I walked down the hallway I was remarking about the furnace being loud when I heard with my ears someone say “Come here” (slower speed for Come Here).  I stopped and asked if someone just said come here.  I asked where do you want me to come, are you in the bathroom and I received a “yea”. (Included in Come Here) I did capture that on my recorder.  Nothing else was noted while we were there.  Listening to my recorders later I did pick up a few more evps.  Besides – come hear- I picked up “He died” (He died amplified), the client was talking about being married for 25 years and then her husband died.  Just before she said he died another voice said it first.  Another evp said “It’s my bones”.  The client was answering a question by Cheryl.  Cheryl asked her what kind of cancer her mom died from.  During her answer this was heard and then seemed to disagree with the answer her daughter was giving because then she said “no” (Included in It's my bones).  A “sigh” was picked up and a garbled voice was heard. 


Cheryl used her Ghost Radar app on her phone during the investigation and during our conversation with the client and her boyfriend these words were said:


February, twenties, parent, lead, easter, lose, carpet, wife, plastic, show, sound, wrong, two, Reggie, hallway, beggar, relate, flesh, Afghanistan, Waldo, Eliseo, poke, night, vacuum, return, Truman, cent, lamp, plane, fireplace, painful, Biden, Deanna, Diana, Sheila, night, relax, pizza, yell, blond, sister, cow, identification, standing, handsome, wood, nurse.


I will ask the client and her boyfriend to look at the words to see if they correlate to anything in their lives.

She also picked up two evps on her audio recorder.  The background noise was so loud the evps have been enhanced to try to bring the words out a little bit more.  "Come Hold Me then Don't go Away".  The other one sounds like it says "Your momma's here".


I do believe there is activity at this home.  It is a consensus that it is possible that one of the spirits is the client’s mother.  It’s possible other spirits are here but we have not been able to identify them.  We would like to do another investigation to see if we can get more information.  We don’t believe the people who live in the home are in any danger.


Rhonda did not get any evidence during the investigation.

Update: 5-19-17

During the reveal with the clients a couple of the evps were of interest to the son who lives there.  The sigh he said he had heard many times when his father was alive. The soft whispers in two of the other evps are similar to the whispers he hears a lot.  The other clients did not recognize anything that was said with any of the evps.  The mother did not die of bone cancer.  The boyfriend who lives there received some sage from an Indian Reservation and they said since they put the sage out they've experienced no other activity.  The son says he still hears voices but there has not been any tangible evidence.

Respectfully reported,

Debbie Lowery/Founder

Springfield Ghost Society






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