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April 5, 2017

4th & Jefferson, Springfield, IL

Investigation by Carl Jones & Rhonda Jones

This lady has lived in this apartment since February 2016.  Nothing has happened that she has noticed until just 1 month ago.  She had a very vivid dream.  A female ghost came to her in her dreams and started grabbing at her.  She said they were in the kitchen and everything in her dream was exactly like her kitchen.  The ghost was an old woman, pale to grayish face, very thin hair on top of her head but along the sides it was gray and long, she was naked.  The client noticed the ghosts biceps and quads stood out very much because they were so large in comparison to the ghosts body and the body did not seem to be the right size of a person.  The ghost had a hold of the clients arm and was trying to lay it on the stove when the client broke loose.  At that time she woke and sat straight up in bed.


Just 3 nights ago she woke to her bed shaking.  She hit her bed thinking it would stop but it didn't.  She yelled stop it and go back to hell and the shaking stopped.


She has a guy friend who stayed with her 2 nights ago.  She said she was lying in her bed and he was lying on the floor and the toilet flushed by itself.


Before all this started she said there was a fire on the other side of the building and someone was hurt but they didn't die.  She feels her health has declined since living there.


4/2/2017 – Client called me and said last night while she was sleeping she woke to a shadowy figure sitting on her calves of her legs.  She was trying to say prayers but was so scared she couldn’t say them.  It sat there for a good 2-3 minutes.


Carl Jone's Report -

SGS  INVESTIGATION  REPORT: April 5th, 2017, (Apartment building 4th and Jefferson Street Springfield, IL.), 2:00pm

Investigators: Rhonda Jones, Carl Jones

  We arrived at the apartment complex and met the occupant in the lobby. She took us to her apartment that was quite small. There was one room with a living room area and a kitchenette, one bedroom and a small bathroom. Rhonda and I performed an EMF sweep, but no odd levels were detected. Several photos were taken with nothing unusual in them, Audio was recorded throughout, and video in the bedroom where most activity seems to happen. I conducted an evp session in the living room with the occupant present. I listened to the entire recording and nothing unusual was captured. We concluded our initial complete investigation in about an hour and half due to the small size of the location.

Respectfully submitted,

Carl Jones, SGS Investigator

Rhonda Jones Report -

Nothing was found








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