Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations

Anderson Cemetery


During our visit to Anderson Cemetery we weren't disappointed.  Several of SGS members met at the cemetery during the day to try to pick up any souls trying to talk to us.  Jenny and I walked together.  I took several pictures and really didn't notice anything unusual until just before we decided to leave.  Jenny noticed a spirit of an old man watching us.  She asked him who he was and he said his name was Charlie.  He implied he was the caretaker of that area of the cemetery.  He told us of Civil War soldiers marching across the back of the cemetery at different times.  He also told us there is another part of Anderson Cemetery that no one really knows about.  In the woods there is another section of forgotten soldiers.  Craig tried to get down to that area but the under growth is so thick no one can get through it.  Charlie asked why we were so interested in the grave in the back corner and we told him we felt like someone was around the area. He told us the lady (her spirit) was watching us, she wondered why we spent so much time at her grave.  We tried to get Charlie to follow us to another area of the cemetery but he didn't seem to be able to leave his area. Upon reviewing the pictures I took I found one picture that may have a figure in it.  To me I see a young boy, and it looks like he is sitting with one knee up infront of him. I have put a red square around the area where I see the boy.  Does anyone else see him?  I lightened the picture up to try to bring it out a little more. 

figure  lightened picture of figure


If anyone knows about the civil war soldier's graves we'd like to know the story.  Please contact me at debbie.lowery@comcast.net.