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Bell Fountain Rd

Dawson, IL





Investigation at 8:00pm

Home is 150 years old

SGS Investigators – Rhonda Jones & Debbie Lowery

Owner was home during the investigation

This is a return investigation.  About 2 years ago two SGS investigators did an investigation because the owner was feeling something get in bed with her every night.  She was not getting a good night sleep.  Nothing was found at that time.  Since then, the activity had stopped, until just recently.  She got up one morning and discovered the cat’s bed up on the stairs going upstairs.  It was on either the second or third step.  This alarmed her so she called to talk to me and I offered to do another investigation.

Equipment Used – Zoom H4N Audio Recorder, Stealth Game Camera, Moultrie Game Camera, Kodak Digital Camera, KII Meter.

I placed the Stealth Game Camera in owners bedroom towards the door, I placed the Moultrie Game Camera in the center room facing the kitchen.  The H4N was placed in the living room on a small tripod on a table.  Pictures were taken all over the house.  KII Meter was placed on the coffee table in front of the wrap around couch.

Nothing was noticed on either game camera and no unusual pictures were found.  The H4N did pick up one unusual evp about 17.50 minutes from the beginning.  Owner and Rhonda were discussing the cat.  The conversation went something like this: Talking about the cat bed being moved up a couple of the stairs.  Rhonda was asking questions if the cat could have done that.  Rhonda suggested maybe the cat was in a playful mood and was running around and somehow hooked on to the bed.  Owner said her cat was old and not playful.  Rhonda was talking about her father’s cat being old but still playful.  Owner said when she got home after being gone a month..an evp over talked the owner.  It sounds like it says “That’s typical upstairs”.  It seems to be a female voice.  Correction - This has been debunked.  Rhonda found the same conversation on her recorder and said it was her talking over the owner.

Also when we discussed her second husband both Rhonda’s and my KII would light up to the full.

My Opinion:

Owner has been experiencing some health issues lately and has fallen several times.  Also she feels as if she has some health issues not yet diagnosed.  I believe since she lives by herself (her son moved out) and she has these fears, she is being visited by her mother and her husband who has passed.  They are watching over her.  I think both her husband and mother (both deceased) are concerned about her tripping so they attempted to move the cat bed to prevent her from tripping over it.  The cat does go upstairs occasionally.  It might be good to put the cat bed somewhere else in the room where she doesn’t walk.  I believe she will notice little unexplainable things happen, a reminder from her loved ones that she’s not alone her time of worry. 


Debbie Lowery/Founder
Springfield Ghost Society


Springfield Ghost Society Report

Date:  September 20, 2014
Time: 8:00 P.M.
Location:  Bell Fountain Rd., Dawson, IL
Investigators:  Debbie Lowery & Rhonda Jones

My Equipment:  KII Meter, Kodak Digital Camera, Sony Video Camera, & 2 Olympus Digital Recorders

Type of Activity:  This location was investigated before a few years back.  Not sure if anything was found or not.  The client asked SGS to return because of a cat bed being moved.  She has also heard her name being called.  At one time the client and her sister were laying on her bed and saw something come in between them.  The client’s husband is deceased but did not die in the house but her brother-in-law did.  The client’s brother-in-law had a health problem and she took care of him.  He was on the treadmill and must’ve had a heart attack and the client found him deceased on the floor.  She feels that his spirit is there with her.  

My Findings:  After reviewing my equipment,  I did get 1 questionable pictures that was taken in the clients bedroom.  I was facing the mirror and there might be a figure or a face.  On my #1 recorder (placed in the front room) I didn’t get anything.  On my #2 recorder (placed on the steps going upstairs)  I did hear some thumps, stomps, sounds like something falling down the stairs, and knocking.  There was a cat there but she stayed behind the couch in the front room.  There was no one near the steps at this time.  The 3 of us were in the next room sitting on the couch doing an EVP session.  Both of our KII Meters were going off quite a bit in response to our questions.  From my video camera I got nothing. 

My conclusion:  I think her deceased husband Butch is the spirit in the house and he’s there to look over his widowed wife.   

Submitted By:  Rhonda