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Chambersburg, IL





Chambersburg, IL

April 26, 2014


House is over 100 years old

Seems like when men stay there their blankets get pulled off of them, they feel hands touching their legs, they get the feeling they are being watch and sometimes have an uncomfortable feeling.

Rhonda, Craig, Debbie

Client left the house around 11:30pm.  Left just Rhonda & I there.  Craig arrived around 1:00am.

One thing happened while it was just Rhonda and I.  A light lit the window up going to a storage room.  At first we thought they were headlights but then realized headlights couldn’t be seen in that area.  The light went off.  We opened the door to find a closed in room.  One window was located on the opposite side of the room than the door with a wall partially blocking it.  There was one pull string ceiling light in the windows location.  The light had to be coming from the ceiling light.  There was no entrance into that room except through the door we were looking at.

Out of place feelings were felt by all three of us throughout the night, Rhonda and Craig expressed they may have been touched but couldn’t confirm it.  A couple of EVPs we captured along with some pictures of orbs and mist.  Craig’s evp: Rhonda talking, Do you mean to cause harm to anybody that’s here?  Answer – “yes”.  Deb’s evp:  we were all sitting in the living room chatting and the subject of different meats came up.  We were talking about meat not going to waste way back and client said something about a tongue sandwich.  My audio recorder that was lying on the coffee table captured an elderly voice that sounded like it said: “Tastes just like wild root”.  Nothing else was noted for that night.

Other evps captured by Debbie:  boring, har, hey, how

One light anomoly:  fast moving orb


Orbs captured by Rhonda:  orb1, orb2, orb3