Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations


Chambersburg, IL



June 14, 2014: Debbie, Ken, Jenny, client

Jenny came along to see if she could communicate with the spirits there to see what they wanted and why they were there.

It didn’t take long for the spirits to start in with her.  We had been there maybe 15 minutes when a spirit summoned her to the kitchen.  It was an old Caucasian man and he had some information for her.  He was speaking so fast it was hard for her to understand him.  What she could understand was:

His last name was Mars

There was a black member in the family

Kinkade was the last name, possibly Leroy was the first name. (client said the name was Louie - died 1976.  Mars owned the property and Louie lived in the house)

We took a tour around the house and when Jenny entered the blue bedroom she reported a black shape got up off the bed.  We all went over to the bed and saw a wrinkled area on the bedspread.  When you put your hand on the spot it was warm.  The rest of the bed was freezing cold.

Jenny also saw a young boy who said his name was Johnny and he was 12 yrs old and a young girl who said her name was Joannie and she was 8 yrs old.  There last name is Mars.

Louie came forth and continued to ask Jenny if she wanted a cup of coffee.  She had a hard time understanding him because he talked so fast.  Client knew Louie and did confirm he did talk very fast.  After asking Louie why he was there she all of a sudden started to feel her arms contract towards her chest, a very tight feeling.  Client told her Louie died of a heart attack not 6 feet in front of her.  She confirmed she feels like that was what he was trying to tell her.

Client asked her if she could pick up on Louie’s first wife’s name.  She said so many spirits were talking to her it was hard to hear names.  Client started talking about a place not far from there that used to be called the Prairie Hills Spring.  It was a hotel where people would come to be healed by the spring water but it was also used as a meeting place for lovers.  All of a sudden names started bombarding her. Martha, Theresa, Michael, Phyllis, Shana, Kimberly, Anna, Amy, Andrea.  Amy did tell Jenny she tried to help Louie when he had a heart attach.  Not sure is she was dead or alive at that point.  She said they were trying to tell her a different name for the hotel.  She was trying to sound it out as they were talking to her.. dotile house, donticyle, doncentil.  Then she got the word brothel.  I looked on line to see if I could find other names for a brothel.  I found Den of Iniquity.  Is this what they were trying to tell her?  According to the dictionary it a place filled with criminal activity and wickedness.

After this happened the Client wanted to take us to this area.  Most of the hotel is torn down but he wanted us to see it.  We pulled up to an empty house and turned into the yard and drove back a bit.  Client circled the truck and parked it.  There were two hills with a valley like area in the center.  On one hill sat a small partial torn down building.  Client said originally there was another hotel building on the other hill with a catwalk in between. We all got out and immediately Jenny said she didn’t like the place.  Jenny and I were looking at the empty house and we both noticed what looked like something looking out through a parted curtain then it was gone.  I confirmed with the Client that the house was empty and he said definitely.  Just as that happened the street light by where we turned in went out leaving the area very dark.  Kenny noticed this and told Client.  As they were talking about it it came back on.  Jenny turned around and said she wanted to get out of there.  She also told us there were many unmarked graves around us.  After taking a few pictures we left and went back to the house.

After returning to the house everything seemed quiet.  We decided to pack our equipment up and head for home.