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Investigation was performed on October 23, 2021

Investigators:  Debbie, Craig, Jenny

Investigation - 8:00pm

Family contacted me with concerns that have been going on in their home.  Concerns are:

They have heard voices, laughing, and footsteps.  Their doors unlock.  They have a feeling of being watched.  Their granddaughter has been touched twice.  Heard screaming at the bathroom door, toys go off randomly, wind chimes heard, they have seen a dark figure crawling on all fours into a bedroom. The granddaughter was laying in the middle bedroom’s bed asleep but when oldest son looked in on her he said it looked like she was laying on the side of the bed with her head hanging off.


Family has lived in this house for approximately 3 years.  Family history consists of experiences of unexplained events throughout the mother’s family.


We arrived at the home at 8:00pm.  Members of the family present were Mom & Dad, youngest son, Mom’s sister & her husband and later their daughter.  They all went outside and sat around a fire in the back yard as we did our investigation.  Mom & sister came in towards the end of the investigation to use the restroom and then went back out.  Dad came in at the end of the investigation.


We talked with the family for a little while and as we talked Jenny walked through the house.  She said as she entered the middle bedroom she felt someone in there so she took a picture.  The picture turned out completely orange as if someone was very close.  She took other pictures but could not replicate it.  We’re not sure if that’s paranormal but it is interesting.  She also felt someone died in the room which I will refer to the game room, at some point of time in the past.


Started investigation at 8:33pm.  I set a video recorder in the middle bedroom on the footboard post facing hallway and on the shelves in the family room with the fireplace facing down the hallway to the bedrooms.  Jenny carried an Olympus digital audio recorder and I carried the Hn4 digital audio recorder. I walked around several times throughout the investigation taking random pictures of all the rooms.  As I exited the youngest son’s bedroom I heard what sounded like a scratch on the hallway wall next to me.  As I came up to the oldest son’s bedroom Jenny came out of the doorway saying she heard a scratch on the wall.  Craig was made aware of the scratching sound  He had discovered he could hear an air vent move under the floor by stepping down, bouncing like, on the foyer floor and wondered if that might have been what we heard.  He did it again and we verified it was not what we heard.  We asked him to lock the dead bolt on the front door to see if that might have been the sound and it wasn’t.  We didn’t hear that sound the rest of the night.  As Jenny was in the middle bedroom a voice was found on the Olympus audio recorder saying “love you”.  We have no idea why or who said it.


Jenny and I sat down in the game room and she immediately heard from an Esther Perkins.  Esther said she was a reverend but before she said much more she was interrupted by a man who said his name was BJ Johnston.  He claims he is a guardian over the youngest son and has been since the son’s birth.  He warned us that there is a darkness in the home by the name of Goliath.  He said he was not a demon but of the darkness and was mischievous.  He crawls on the floor but could also shapeshift into anything he wanted.  This darkness was brought into this home through the Ouija Board.  BJ said this family did not bring it in.  There was a person who live here before this family moved in who brought in Goliath.  We asked if a blessing of the home would get rid of it BJ said it would only make Goliath mad.  BJ also said there is a pathway in this home in the hallway and many spirits come and go all the time.  Craig came in and was standing by the game room door entrance and he said it felt like his hair was being lifted up.  Jenny was seeing dark shadows around him and feels Goliath was trying to mess with him but BJ was protecting him. 

BJ also said that it was Goliath lying on the bed with the granddaughter. It was him lying with his head off the side of the bed, posing as a little girl and he also touches the little girl.  At 9:07pm BJ told Jenny Goliath was in the middle bedroom messing with one of the cameras.  Nothing was noted on pictures or video but the room temperature did go from low 70’s to the high 70’s in that time.


Craig reported to me during the investigation that he got a little disoriented walking down the hallway towards the bedrooms.  His intention was to enter the middle bedroom but realized after going through the door he was in the master bedroom.  He does not know how that happened.


Jenny went out the front door to go to her car for something and just as she shut the door I captured on my audio recorder a voice saying “don’t go”.  About that time Craig announced he was in the family room.  Craig also picked up a voice at the same time on his recorder but it was so soft it’s hard to tell what it says.


The two sisters came in the house to use the restroom.  After they went back out Jenny and I went back and sat in the game room.  Jenny said as she walked to the game room she saw a dark shadow go down the hallway and turn to go towards the youngest son’s room. Craig was in that room and said he didn’t notice anything.  I openly asked if a Robert was there and on my video recorder I got a “no”.


Craig came in the game room and was standing just inside the room and he could hear whispering voices over by Jenny as she sat in the recliner.  At the same time Jenny felt like someone was trying to get her attention from her the right.  She heard a growl sound.  It was not picked up on my Hn4 audio recorder but it was picked up on the Olympus recorder she had.  A total of 4 growls were captured. It is assumed it is Goliath growling but it could be anything paranormal or not paranormal.


No high emf readings were found anywhere in the house.  It did not go off randomly.


The investigation ended around 10:05pm.  We stood around and talked with the family and informed them of some of the things we knew at that time, like Goliath, the guardian for the youngest son, BJ.  There was some confusion when we mentioned Goliath was brought in by an Ouija board.  The family apparently has played with an Ouija board at this home and at their prior home.  According to the guardian BJ, he said this family didn’t bring the darkness in it was a previous occupier of the home.  Jenny does her best to try to understand the spirits but sometimes things get misconstrued in translation so this is still open for debate.




I did get some orbs in a few pictures.  The family said the toy castle would play when it was not turned on.  Two pictures have an orb above this toy.  The orb on the brown couch in the game room seems to me to have 2 letters and a number inside it.  It looks like it’s LH75 to me but others may be able to interpret it better.  There is also a shape of a person’s arm and leg in the master bedroom on the wall.  I took this picture just inside the bedroom so no one was standing in front of me to cast the shadow.  I’m not sure how this happened but thought it was worth noting. (This has been debunked) I also got a few videos showing orbs (orb1, orb2, orb3, orb4 anomaly & still pic) in motion, all in the hallway area.  I also received several evps.  On the audio recorder that Jenny carried it picked up 4 growls (growl1, growl2, growl3, growl4)in the game room.  Jenny was talking about hearing the growls.  Also an evp that says “Love You” was picked up just 12.5 minutes after starting the recorder in the middle bedroom.  We don’t know who that was.  The recorder that I carried picked up random evps.  One says “no” when I asked if a Robert was there.  And as Jenny went out the front door a voice said “don’t go”.  I also picked up the scratch sound I heard in the bedroom hallway along with a voice saying words that I can’t understand. Voice is first, then the scratch sound.


Craig did pick up a strange electronic voice that he recorded in the master bedroom from the recorder he was wearing and from a stationary recorder in the room. He says it could be a synthesized voice from a device that a family member was using outside so we need to check on that.


Craig also picked up on his personal recorder and the one sitting in the oldest son’s room the sound of scratching on the wall that Jenny and I heard. The one from the son’s bedroom is the loudest and almost sounds like a whip cracking.


It’s in our opinion that there are spirits in this home.  At least one guardian spirit and one dark entity but there are many that just come and go like it’s a bus station.  The family needs to know if a blessing of the home is performed either by themselves or professional it could cause problems because the darkness does not want to go.  They need to find someone who knows they will have luck moving this darkness on if they do pursue this path.


Since “the sisters” family has a long history of paranormal activity they may be predisposed to spirits.  Our recommendation is they should not acknowledge the darkness one.  Maybe once it determines it cannot scare you any longer it will move on to somewhere else.  The youngest son should feel good he has a guardian over him.  I’m sure he will catch glimpses every so often but should feel good about it.  We did find out from BJ that the oldest son also has a guardian, it’s not BJ but we could not find out any information on that.


We’d like to thank this family for giving us the opportunity to do an investigation.  We hope we have helped them with their questions and with what’s happening in their house.  If they would like to have us back we’d love to come back.  We would suggest no more usage of the Ouija Board.


Debbie Lowery


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