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E. Glenn St.

Springfield, IL



March 12th, 8:00pm


E. Glenn Ave

Springfield, IL


Investigators:  Roberta VanHuss & Debbie Lowery
People home: Client and some of her grandchildren.  All stayed downstairs and out of the way.  It was quiet.


I was called by the client because of the following incidences:


Someone or something wakes granddaughter every morning around 3


A lady and a girl apparition have been seen


Found the dryer door open one morning for no reason


They have a picture of a girl standing at the top of the stairs


Son has a picture of a woman behind him in his bedroom


We did an investigation at this house back in 2010.  Pat VanDiver and Dana Quinn did the investigation.  They got some orbs on video and also Pat’s arm was smacked hard enough to leave a red print.  An orb looks as if it goes in Pat’s head on video.


Investigation started at 8:00pm.  Our main target was one bedroom upstairs.  Setup as much equipment as we could.  Did an evp session and took pictures.  We didn’t experience anything while we were there. When we were leaving we asked the client if they have brought anything old into the home recently that could have caused the activity and she couldn’t think of anything.

After going through all our data we unfortunately did not receive any evidence of paranormal activity.

I let client know that we did not receive any evidence.


She called me about 2 weeks later after the investigation and told me she got to thinking about us asking her if they brought anything old into the house.  She remembered the boyfriend had got a metal detector and found an odd piece of metal in their driveway.  He dug it up and brought it into the house before the activity started.  She got it and put it in the garage and since then they haven't had anything happen.  The kids go upstairs and sleep with no problems.  All the animals go upstairs and seem happy.  She asked me if that might have been it.  I told her it's sounded like it.  She asked if she should just throw that thing away.  I told her I wouldn't destroy it, it came from the ground so she should put it back in the ground so she's going to bury it again.  Hopefully all will stay quiet.


Debbie Lowery/Founder

Springfield Ghost Society