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E. Lawrence St
Decatur, IL

I was contacted by a fretful lady who feared for her young son’s life.  The house she lives in was purchased by her mother in 2004.  The date on the deed for the house goes back to 1850 for the first sale.  The basement was added later.

Client was 12 years old at the time the house was purchased.  Her bedroom was in the basement.  She had two sisters who also lived there with her and her mother.

From the time they moved in, they have always had small unexplainable things happen.  She recalls one sister telling of watching a ball on the floor in her parent’s bedroom roll across the floor into the closet and then rolls back out.  Another sister came running out of the kitchen saying an old man growled at her and told her to get out.  As I said the client’s bedroom was in the basement and she said it felt like someone was touching her many times.  She would see hand outlines in the curtains that were hung up to be walls for her bedroom.  She saw shadows all the time.  She took a picture once over her shoulder and it appears as if a face was in the background.  The mother took a picture in the living after buying the house when they first moved in and it looked like they had 3 faces staring back at them, a man, a woman and a child.  They have since lost that picture.

Other odd things that happened back then and still do are doors open and close, the lights turn on and off and objects seem to move from place to place.

She has been married for over 2 years now and their son will be two in September of this year.  This little family has lived in this house since marriage.  They have a couple of dogs who act very strange when in the house.  They bark at something unseen.  The child wakes up in the middle of the night screaming as if terrified.  It is acknowledged that this is not abnormal for a 2 year old.

The incident that prompted her to call us was when grandma was baby sitting him.  All of a sudden he started crying and screaming swinging his baby bottle around as if he was trying to keep something away.  The dog started barking uncontrollably at the same time.  It frightened grandma because she couldn't’t see anything.  Also the client said the baby was in the dining room and was growling and laughing at something she couldn't’t see.  He was pointing to it saying “lala” which is a word he seems to call all females.

Just to let you know, her husband does notice some odd things happen even though he is gone around 14 hours working but he chooses not to acknowledge them.



Investigation July 27, 2016

Investigators:  Debbie Lowery, Rhonda Jones, Roberta VanHuss, Donna Westbrook, Jennifer Bertoni

Other people present were: client, client’s mom, client’s grandmother

Dogs were outside and baby was gone to aunt’s house.

On July 27, 2016 we arrived at 7:00pm to do the investigation.  There were 5 investigators and the house was very small.  She gave us a tour of the house and told us what had happened so far to them.   Client asked me if I wanted to go to the basement as we stood at the landing to the basement stairs and the feeling coming from the basement was enough for me to refuse for the time being.  There were a couple investigators who did go down into the basement but said it felt very depressed and dark.  One investigator did setup a video recorder in the basement but as a group we did not go down there.

After we setup our equipment, pictures were taken randomly all over the house.  Questions were asked and we basically all sat in the living room talking hoping an unknown voice would break in and we’d catch it on our audio recorders.  During the investigations one investigator did feel a sensation as if something was tugging at the back of her pants.  Also it sounded like something feel or was thrown in the master bedroom but when the client looked she couldn’t see anything out of place.

Three of the investigators that were there have psychic abilities.  They picked up on a man who looked young and wore some kind of hat.  One investigator saw him as very unpleasant looking, another saw him with lumps all over his face.  The mother and grandmother said they have each had an experience with a man in a ball cap.  Grandma once saw him walk past the kitchen window.  When she looked there was no way he could get in the back yard because of a high fence but the window was also high off the ground so he would have had to be very tall to be seen in the window.  The mother said she was in the kitchen and heard a noise so she looked back into the living room and she saw a man sitting on her couch with a ball cap on.  Each one said they didn’t notice any disfigurement to his face.

We did have a few things happen during our evp session.  One of the investigators claimed she was scratched.  Another time, the same investigator had her phone thrown out of her hand onto the floor.  A different investigator was holding a pair of dowsing rods when they were thrown out of her hands onto the floor.  She claims something grabbed her arm causing this.  Picture show redness and welts on her arm. 

We did have video playing at the same time and unfortunately we can’t verify it to be paranormal activity.  The investigator whose neck was scratched already had her hand up at her neck at the time it was scratched so we can’t verify it to be paranormal.  Also, her hand flung out when the phone was thrown.  This still could be caused from something unseen but since it wasn’t just lying on her lap but in her hand it’s hard to prove it’s paranormal.  The same for the dowsing rods, the investigator was holding one end in her hand and that hand flung out at the time the rods fell, which again could still be caused by something unseen but since the rods weren’t just lying on her lap we can’t prove it’s paranormal.  It’s truly sad because we could have very well caught paranormal activity but since the conditions were the way they were, we can’t prove it so we can’t claim these to be paranormal activities.

Some interesting pictures were taken and also a few evps were recorded.

This couple does have another home they can move to that is family owned.  Since activity has been happening since 2004 and now something seems to be directly bothering the baby we have suggested if at all possible they move.

After we left that night the client’s husband came home from work and she told him what had taken place that night.  He didn’t believe her until…a glass bottle from on top of the refrigerator flew off towards her falling on the floor.  He saw that with his own eyes so now she said he doesn’t think she’s crazy anymore.

Since we’ve been there the client said she has been scratched.  Her father-in-law heard a woman say something but he was there by himself, and the baby still has been waking up during the night crying.


Rhonda – Audio: Growling in the kitchen, ladies voice in the kitchen, voice, Investigator trying to repeat a chant she is hearing
Video: Phone coming out of hand, Dowsing rods coming out of hands, Neck being scratched, Someone saying “No”
Pictures: Scratches on neck – pic 1, Scratches on neck – pic 2
, Report


Roberta – Pictures: Orb over investigator – She just said there was a man behind her, closer look of orb, Face in same window in lower pane

Debbie -    Video:  Toy truck moving


We have determined there is definitely something unknown living in the home with them.  Whatever is there has been there a long time and does not like people in the house.  We think the man with the ball cap name is Larry but we don’t know anything about the woman and possible child.  Further investigating may help us determine this information.  Client is very uncomfortable living there.  We suggested they move since the opportunity is there and the house that is available is more appealing to them.  They are keeping that in mind.