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Haunted Investigations

                                                                                 E. Lawrence St

Decatur, IL




Return Investigation to:

E. Lawrence St, Decatur, IL


Investigators:  Debbie Lowery, Roberta Van Huss, Rhonda Jones

Other people there: Client and her mom. 2 dogs outside.

Arrived at 7:00pm and immediately setup our equipment.  I put the Go Pro in the Master Bedroom facing a corner where the client says she sees shadows and movement all the time and sounds come from that area.

Motion Detector was also put in the Master Bedroom in hopes to catch any movement.

In the first investigation there was something that fell in the Master Bedroom and we didn’t have any equipment in there to catch it.

I put one of my game camera’s on an ironing board in the dining room facing into the 2nd bedroom.

I put the other game camera on the ironing board facing the dining room towards the toys.  I caught movement with a toy on the 1st investigation in this area.

I put my audio recorder in the kitchen on the counter.  I hung a wind chime on a curtain rod in the kitchen.  It was unrestricted.  I hung 2 bells on the microwave cord hanging in mid-air between the microwave and the wall.

Took pictures randomly all around the house.  I used a red and blue filter on some of the pictures to see if that made a difference.

Client said it had been really quiet since we were there last. 

We were there about 30 minutes when I was in the kitchen taking pictures when I looked out the kitchen window and noticed something duck down behind a playhouse in the back yard.  All I saw was the top of the bald looking head or ball cap.  I asked the client if anything has ever happened in the back yard and she said except for grandma seeing a man in a ball cap walk in front of the kitchen window nothing really has happened there.

I sat down in the living room and started talking with everyone.  Once in a while I would ask a question out loud to see if we could get an evp answer.  While sitting there the mom and I both saw a ball of light at the same time.  I saw it move towards us in the dining room and mom saw it in the corner of the living room by the front door.  We started the evp session about 45 minutes after arriving.

About 5 minutes into the evp session I said, “Are you guys hungry?”  Someone says what sounds to me to say “No” and then another garbled word.  Roberta also heard it.  We both picked it up on our recorders.  I think mine still says No with a garbled word but Roberta said hers sounds like it says “yes, apparently”.

About 50 minutes into the investigation I was talking about the coffee cake I made.  Immediately after that you can hear a voice say “yum, yum”.   We also heard a very soft voice a little while after that but it’s possible it could have been someone there.

After about an house I said, “I like stuffed green peppers”, then Rhonda says something about Fred.  After that there’s an odd sound.

Rhonda started telling a story about her nephews dream when a female voice says a sentence.  It’s very possible it was me but what I said doesn’t make sense with what we were talking about.

About 10 minutes later Roberta said there a man standing in the dining room.  Right after that you hear a male voice repeats what she said and then you can hear me say “huh”.

20 minutes later we were talking about the person in the kitchen being the clients grandmother-in-law when I heard someone say “asheta”.  On my recorder you can hear a shh sound and then I say I just heard someone say asheta.

The client and I were discussing how much Spanish she can speak when during her sentence it sounds like her voice changes to a man’s voice on the word proper and then again at the end of the sentence.

15 minutes later I picked up a growl as we talked.

Client had a picture of grandma to compare to what we saw in the kitchen.  She looks very much like who we saw.  Since she wouldn’t communicate with us it’s hard to say for sure she the grandmother.

The investigation ended at 9:22pm.

Debbie Lowery/Founder

Date:  August 17, 2012


Location:  E Lawrence, Decatur, IL


Investigators:  Debbie Lowery, Rhonda Jones, Roberta Van Huss


Equipment Used:




Weather - Time Taken:  4:47 PM

Temperature:  85o

Dew point:  81o

Humidity:  89%

Pressure:  30.05”

Precipitation:  Mostly Cloudy


Solar X-rays:  Normal

Geomagnetic Field:  Quiet


Moon Phase:  100% Full


7:00 PM investigation began


7:10 PM Equipment placement, Sony with me, Zoom in basement with the game cam


Walked around the basement and took a few photos.  The basement didn’t have the same ominous feeling it had during our last investigation but I still felt a bit of “agitation” while I was down there.  I placed my game cam and Zoom recorder on a table behind the washing machine aimed towards the back of the basement.  It was during the first half of the investigation it sounds like “something” touched my recorder; however, the game cam did not activate to show if it was tampered with.  Also, during the time of the recording I captured a great deal of walking upstairs, some of which was during a time I’m quite positive we were all sitting in the living room talking. 


Approximately 8:00 PM Debbie was asking the question if someone was hungry.  Both she and I heard “no” but upon playback to me, it sounds more like “yes, apparently”.


I received two other possible EVPs.  One is an odd sound that played both forward and reverse is the exact same and a couple of thumps and then the dog barks.  These are both captured on the recorder I had in the basement.


I did see a young man standing in the dining room and a lady I picked up on the name of Rosetta Maria.  As I described her and said her name she was a grandmother of the homeowner’s husband and her name was Maria.  I felt as if she was there to protect everyone from the entity named Larry we saw during or last investigation.


The house did NOT feel the same as the last time.  I felt a lot more comfortable.


Investigation ended: 9:23 PM

Roberta Van Huss/Investigator

Evidence gathered from Rhonda:


Clanking sound


Possible Hi

Quick flash of light

Rhonda Jones/Investigator