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Client has lived in this house since just before Christmas in 2016.  Her wife of 20 yrs practiced the wiccan religion and claimed she had the ability to communicate with spirits.  Their youngest daughter passed at 6 yrs old.  In 2020 clients oldest daughter died in a fire and a few months after that her wife committed suicide.


Since then, she has had weird things happening in her home.  She has found a new girlfriend who now lives with her.  Her 18 month old grandson points at something they can't see.  The dog and cat have been messed with.  Client has seen a dark shadow in her bedroom so she smudged.  She's heard knocking.  She has felt someone or something unseen sit on her bed.  The blow dryer in the bathroom has been thrown across the room.  Items go missing just to be found somewhere else.  The video camera in the garage has been sending her alerts recently of movement.  She views the videos and there are white orbs moving around.


Recently, she and her girlfriend purchased a snowman picture with a light that hangs on their hallway wall.  The light has to be turned on but it has come on by itself a few times by itself.


They want to know if possible who it is and what they want.


Investigation 12/2/2022


Investigators: Debbie, Denise, Rick, Roger


Client and her girlfriend were there and their dog and cat.


Started investigation at 7:00pm.  Set out our equipment and I took random pictures.  During the time I was in the master bedroom, I was taking pictures at the mirrored closet doors.  During that time I noticed through my camera view finder a black shape about the height of the bed move along side of the bed. I did not get a picture of it.  I told my team and the clients about it.  We held a long evp session in the kitchen and the clients got validation of who might be there.  Not much evidence was caught but we did get a few things.


Debbie -   I received 2 evps – Did you find out?  That’s a mistake.


Denise – Received 2 evps and 2 pictures with orbs.  Evps – Maybe   Yeah  pic1  pic2


Roger – Received 2 odd pictures.  They were in the middle of several pictures taken in succession.  Pic1   pic2


Rick said he never really got anything except what sounded like light chatter happening on his audio recorders periodically.  I also noticed this as I listened to my audio recordings but it was unintelligible. 


I want to thank our clients for inviting us into their home to do this investigation.  We are willing to come back anytime to do further investigations.




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