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W. England St

Taylorville, IL


W. England
Taylorville, IL

March 6, 2015

Investigators – Roberta, Rhonda, Jenny, Debbie
Client and 1 dog home at the time of the investigation

I was contacted by the client.  She has lived in this home for almost 1 yr.  Strange happenings began in Nov of 2014.  She told us when she entered the kitchen from the back door she was able to hear a loud whisper as she walked in.  This happened twice, she was unable to tell what it said.  She did express it sounded like a woman’s voice.  A closet door in her bedroom flung open one time while she was lying in bed.  Another bedroom closet door has swayed open and shut.  Client has two young children and they participate in the “Elf on the Shelf” for Christmas.  She came home one evening to find the elf hanging from the chandelier by one leg over the dining room table.  After taking it down she tried to hang it back up but it was impossible because the weight of the elf’s head made it fall.  Youngest child has run into her bedroom twice screaming that his bed is shaking.  The second time she could hear someone trampling up and down the stairs.  A blanket was moved from her bedroom to the living room once.  She doesn’t know much about the house but does know the previous owner recently passed away on August 30, 2014 at a nursing home in the area.

Upon arriving the client took us on a tour of the home pointing out the hot spots of activity.  While we setup our equipment a friend of hers dropped by and showed us a selfie picture taken in a car.  In the background he can see many faces.  He left soon after.

I set my video camera up in the youngest child room facing toward the door.  I set my audio recorder up in the living room area to begin with then moved it to the stairs landing.  I put a game camera in the master bedroom on the dresser facing the closets and then later moved it to the dining room table.

In the meantime I walked around and took pictures with my Kodak digital camera at different times.  After being there for about 1 hour we all sat in the living room and I started an evp session.  We were about 15 minutes into it when Jenny who has psychic abilities began picking up a man by the name of Leland speaking.  First thing he said was to ask the client about “name”.  The client confirmed that “name” is her friend and also her mother’s name. He said he didn’t approve of the living arrangements of the house saying relationships should be between a man and a woman.  The client confirmed that “name” is her life partner.  Jenny explained it’s different times now and it’s ok. He told her he was the one that made the noise on the stairs and scared the children but he didn’t mean to.  He didn’t reveal why he was there but we got the impression he was protecting the home.  He stayed more around the stairs area while talking to us and did say he stays upstairs a lot.

Roberta asked if anyone is seeing a woman in a long white gown.  We all answered no.

Leland quit talking to us and while we all sat and discussed what just happened the room started to get very cold.  The client retrieved a blanket off the back of a chair and wrapped up in it stating she could feel very cold air right in front of her.  I spoke up and said I feel like there is a spirit in the dining room.  Jenny confirmed saying it was a woman in a long white gown which confirms Roberta’s feelings.  This spirit went by the name of Gwen.  Jenny described her as being a prankster/comedian.  When Jenny introduced all of us to her she introduced Roberta last and Gwen came back with a long drawn out Roberta.  She moved quickly around in the dining room and confessed she is the one that spoke to the client as she came in the back door and also hung the elf on the chandelier.  She did not confess to the movement of the closet doors or moving of the blanket but it’s possible she did that also.  Soon she disappeared and we didn’t see her the rest of the night.  We wrapped up our investigation about 9:37pm, thanked the client and left.

My findings and conclusion:  My audio recorder picked up two possible evps while it was sitting on the stairs landing.  One said “love this house” and the other was “yea”. (later determined possibly Roberta saying this)  I had hopes since Leland seemed to be in that area while talking to our investigator that my audio recorder would pick up on the conversation but it didn’t.  A shadow was seen on the game camera that was in the master bedroom but it’s possible it could be Roberta leaving the room.  After moving it to the dining room table it picked up 3 separate incidents of moving orbs, orb1, orb2, orb3 and an evp that sounds like it says “beautiful”.(later determined this could be Rebecca).  My video camera upstairs showed nothing unusual.  I did find one picture, with an orb in the dining room.  I believe they were taken while Gwen was talking to us, also a picture with an orb at the bottom of the stairs.  There is a picture I took after Gwen left the dining room of the bathroom.  A possible face can be seen in the mirror but not sure, it could be matrixing.   I conclude that this house has at least two ghosts.  They have been here a long time and will continue to be here.  They mean no harm.  Leland will continue to be noisy and Gwen will continue to prank.  I believe Leland is keeping other ghosts from staying at this home although he can’t keep them from trying, so some odd things might happen from time to time caused by the temporary ghosts.  I see no reason why the client and the ghosts couldn’t co-exist together.  Other investigations can be done to try to communicate with these ghosts to see if they have more information and to see if we can capture any proof of evidence.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

Debbie Lowery/Founder
Springfield Ghost Society


Date:  March 6, 2015


Location:  W England, Taylorville, IL


Investigators:  Rhonda, Debbie, Jenny, Roberta


Equipment Used:


Weather - Time Taken:  5:30 PM

Temperature:  31o

Dew point:  18o

Humidity:  56%

Pressure:  30.27 in

Precipitation:  Clear


Solar X-rays:  M Class Flare

Geomagnetic Field:  Unsettled


Moon Phase:  Full 99% illuminated


The Zoom and Tascam recorders was set up in the upstairs bedrooms as was the two game cams, none of which picked up any evidence.


The Olympus was set up on the living room entertainment system and picked up on the voice of a man saying “copy” towards the end of the investigation when Jenny and the homeowner was in the dining room talking.  Debbie heard the voice and commented on it (living room recorder mans voice.mp3).


My Sony night shot was set up in the homeowner’s bedroom and after roughly 5 minutes went out of focus and never refocused.  At one point, it did pick up what sounds like the clicking of a door opening  (masterbedroom snap.wmv).


I was unable to use any form of EMF meter as there was too much electrical interference.  The battery in my right hearing aid did go totally out; however, the next morning when I put it in to wear downstairs to replace it, it was working and worked for a day or two longer.


The only entity I picked up on was a lady in a white dress that was later confirmed by Jenny as being Gwen and wearing a long white nightgown.


Investigation ended approximately 9:37 PM.


Roberta VanHuss


Springfield Ghost Society Report 
Taylorville, IL  3/6/15

Location:  W.  England St., Tayorville, IL
Date:  March 6, 2015
Time:  7:00 P.M.
Weather:  Cold & Clear
Investigators:  Debbie L., Jenny B., Roberta V.H., Rhonda J.
My Equipment:  Digital Camera, (2) Digital Recorders, Sony Digital Video Camera, EMF Meter

Type of Activity:  Client has lived at this location since May 2014.  She and her 2 sons noticed activity February 2015.  Client would hear whispering, closet doors open and shut with no help.  For fun they would participate in the "Elf on the Shelf" game at Christmas.  One evening around 11:00 p.m. she found the elf hanging upside down from the chandelier in the dining room.  Her 7yr old son would wake up screaming because his bed was shaking.  The mom could hear trampling going up and down the stairs.  Items in the house would move from room to room.  

History Info:  The client said all she knew of the house was the lady that lived there before her had since passed away at a nursing home.  They both have the same last name but no relation.  

During Investigation:  At least 2 spirits were there that communicated with us.  One being an older grumpy male that wanted to be left alone but didn't mean any harm to anyone.  His name was Leland.  The other spirit was a female named Gwen.  Leland did answer our questions but got tired and said he was done talking.  Gwen didn't  talk much at all; we think Leland scared her off because he seems to have control over her.  Possibly another male spirit showed up at the end of the investigation. 

My Findings:  From recorder #1 which was placed in the client's bedroom, I heard what sounded like a washer machine running but for a short time.  Jenny was asking a question; then you hear a female saying something but was hard to make out what she was saying.  You also hear a strange sound like a sigh.  From recorder #2 which was placed upstairs in the 7yr old bedroom, I captured footsteps and again another female overlapping while the client was talking and again hard to make out.  I think this and the first overlapping was Gwen.   From my digital camera, I got a possible orb in the dining room and this is where Gwen was at.  From my Sony Digital Camera, I didn't get anything because after 1:56 min of recorder it shut off on its own.  I wasn't the only investigator that had problems with their video camera because Roberta did as well.   

Conclusion:  Yes this location does have paranormal activity.  As far as clients being in fear....they don't have to be.  The client needs to sit down and talk with her sons that these spirits don't mean any harm, they're just content being there and like to make noises.  I think as long as Leland stays in control of any other spirits that try to come in; he won't allow them too come in and harm anyone.    

Submitted By:  Rhonda