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I was called by a friend of the owner of the house. The owner had been experiencing some frightening experiences.  She feels like something is watching her.  One night she saw movement in her backyard so she grabbed her iPhone and started video taping.  I'm attaching a daytime picture of the area she taped so you can see what it looks like.  The video she taped looks as though a figure steps out from behind the shed wall.  Two small creatures seem to bounce out first.  All three figures seem to be lit with a bright white light.  We did an investigation but did not experience anything questionable and didn't really get any evidence showing paranormal activity.  I do believe this video is genuine.  Paranormal encompasses a variety of areas, ETs (Extraterrestrial) life forms being one of them.  It's my personal opinion that she recorded an ET attempting to enter her backyard but was frightening off by something.  The video I'm posting that she took is very hard to see.  It's grainy and very dark but you can clearly see the lights on the figures.  I'm interested in your opinions.  Please let me know at debbie.lowery@comcast.net.

Picture of the area.  Her video was taken at a different angle because she was looking out of a bedroom window.  I was outside when I took this picture.  I just wanted you to see the general area.

Her video