Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations

Greenview, IL


Date:  September 4, 2015


Location:  Route 29, Greenview, IL


Investigators:  Roberta Van Huss, Rhonda Jones, Deb Martin

Equipment Used:




Weather - Time Taken: 6:00 PM

Temperature:  91o

Dew point:  67o

Humidity: 45%

Pressure: 29.98

Precipitation:  Fair


Solar X-rays:  Normal

Geomagnetic Field:  Storm


Moon Phase:  Waning gibbous 55% illuminated


Equipment placement:  Sony2 was with me; Olympus in the kitchen; Tascam in living room but was later moved into the master; Nightshot living room


Overview:  The home is Ranch style built in 1850s with rooms added on over the years. Previous owners were Mance Blane and Judy Olsen-Petersburg realtors. They rented the place out until homeowner bought it. Blane's great-grandfather was born there it’s assumed died there also but nothing to show any deaths in the home. In her bedroom, her dog has been observed watching someone walking across the floor and her black cat was on her neck in bed then jerked up, looked up at ceiling and then down to floor and ran across the room and out of there! She feels pressure on her bed like someone sitting down. In the living room and bedroom, she smells and has even been woken up by an incredibly strong smell of vanilla perfume, then it dissipates. she catches glimpses of shadows in her peripheral vision but thought it was just eye floaters. Her doors rattle, hears footsteps in the kitchen, bumping noises, etc. she does not feel threatened.


I could see three “occupants” during the investigation.  First was a calico cat that would watch from the kitchen and occasionally creep into the living room to check things out.  I “saw” an old man, balding, wearing bib overalls and no shirt under.  He was chewing on a cigar but at the moment it wasn’t lit.  I also “saw” a woman, hair messed and in a bun, she had flour on her hands and was wearing a frilly bib apron, dark flowered dress, the high heeled oxford type laced shoes.  Both man and woman was estimated to be in the 1930’s.  Could possibly be married but not 100% sure.  I saw her in the now living room which was the kitchen at one time.  I picked up on the name Walter or strong “W” and the woman a name beginning with “E”.

Roberta Van Huss