Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations

Hardin Ave

Jacksonville, IL


Date:  9-7-12 - Return

Location:  544 Hardin Ave, Jacksonville IL

Homeowners:  Josh and Mandi Markley

Investigators Present:  Craig, Madeline, Roberta, Denise and Dave

Time of solar readings:  4:30 PM

Solar:   x-ray - Active

            magnetic - Quiet

Moon Phase:   waxing crescent 8% illuminated


Time of weather readings:  8:09 PM

Weather:         Temp. – 77°

                         Humidity -  73%

                         Dew point -  68°

                         Pressure -  29.94”


Equipment Used:  Nikon Coolpix L610 16 megapixel, SVP Full Spectrum 18 megapixel with UV light, Sony digital recorder, K2 meter briefley


8:10 - Did a baseline sweep.  In the foyer and about the downstairs the emf was a steady yellow.  The house iss 100+ years old and it is suspected it still contains much of the original old wiring.  The homeowner did confirm this.


8:36 – Downstairs picked up on the spinsters name of Madaline (spelling uncertain) and picked up on Joey upstairs in the son’s bedroom.  Joey is about 12 to 13 but acts more like 4 or 5.  He is facinated with the toys in the room.  The homeowner stated her son had problems sleeping in the room and often sleeps someplace else mostly in the mother-in-laws room.


8:54 - stayed upstairs to see if I could get an EVP of Joey and the old man in the bathroom.  Old man is from 1930's, a grumpy old grandpa type.  He either likes to antigonize women or he was very partial to women as he has no interst in males at all.  Homeowner stated there was a claw foot tub in the house when they moved in; however, I kept seeing a heavy clunky cast iron tub from about that era.  It is possible it wasn’t in that location that he passed but something was brought into the house in which he is attached to and was drawn to the bathroom.  The homeowner said there was a man who died in the house named George who died in 1912.  Though I’m seeing this man from the 1930’s and is wearing bib overalls.  Did an internet search and the bib and brace overalls common today and I was seeing first appeared during WW I for the needs of factory workers. 


Listening to my recording at home on my computer,it was while I was sitting on the love seat at the end of the hall outside of the son’s bedroom the recorder had a moment where it would cut in and out.  Noticed the batteries during the investigation had drained some but never totally died.  Did not have VOR enabled.


9:32 - Sitting upstairs on the loveseat saw a dark shadow at end of hall for a brief moment.


9:56 - In daughers's bedroom felt a cold chill on my arm but never could find where it was coming from.  Had Madaline sit next to me and it stopped.  She said she didn’t feel the cold air.  As we sat on the bed,  I kept seeing little black orb-like “things” moving back and forth in the hall.  Madaline wondered if possibly there was a vortex at the end of the hall.  There possibly is something there as I would occasionally see a dark shadow and now the little black orbs.  When talking later with the homeowner about this and that a vortex is a portal where spirits comes and goes she told us about an EVP she had received while asking if they stayed there saying they "come and go".


Did not note time but returned back upstairs to look into a closet that I really didn’t want to and was overcome with extreme grief.  In the son’s closet I felt like the child had been abused and locked into the closet.   When the homeowners had gone up into the attic they found a straw bed which was situated over the son's bedroom.  The homeowner thought maybe the stairs to the attic was in that area as old houses had stairs and not pull downs like there is now in the bathroom.


Sitting in the living before leaving talking, the homeowner stated she wanted to call the spenster Elizabeth or Lizzy so more than likely that is the lady’s name.  Also, the homeowner’s son has in the past called the little boy Joey, he came down one day and said he had been playing with Joey one night.


Left approximately midnight.


The homeowner showed us an old clock she had purchased at an estate sale and while telling my husband about the clock running backwards, he told me if the plug was plugged in in the wrong direction polarization may cause any motor to start running backwards.  Unplugging and turning the plug around will stop it.  No explanation as to how the clock was plugged back in with the correct time.  Possibly another family member plugged it in?????


I did not capture any photos but captured two EVPs.  Sound.mp3 sounded like furniture moving.  I was alone in the living room and everyone was in the basement.  Tapping.mp3 was captured while all was upstairs and the homeowner was hearing tapping sounds that no one else heard.



Roberta VanHuss


This is a picture the owners found on a wall in a closet.  Their children did not draw this so they deduce it's been there for a long time.  It was drawn before the front of the house was remodeled.  It almost looks like someone is hanging in the doorway.  Picture