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Lincoln Cab Company

Springfield, IL


Investigation was performed on July 7, 2021

Investigators:  Debbie, Craig, Jenny

We were called by the Lincoln Cab Company because of unusual activity recorded by their security camera.  The company moved to the current location last year after a fire destroyed their place of business.  Some of the employees feel the activity is caused by previous employees.  Some feel nervous about the activity.  Noises are heard like someone is working in the garage but no one is there.  Noises of someone walking on the roof is heard.  The feeling of being watch is felt and the closet in the restroom is very creepy to one of the employees.  She feels as if someone is standing inside the closet watching everything.  The security camera has captured a light moving around the floor of the garage in a determined manner several times.  It always seems to happen at night when it's the quietest in the garage.

This is our report:

Springfield Ghost Society
Investigation – July 7, 2021
11:00pm – 2:15pm

Lincoln Cab Company

Investigators: Craig, Jenny, & Debbie

Weather - stormy. Lightning was all over the sky.  Temps ranged from near 90 degrees to low 70’s.  Temp was in low 80’s during investigation, no rain and no wind during the investigation. At times, there were noisy cars from outside, fireworks were shot off, and possible thunder were heard throughout the evening.  The dispatchers did come out of the office to use the restroom but did not trigger the lights in the garage.

When we arrived we talked to one of the dispatchers.  She told us of her experiences with whatever is in this garage.  She said she has a very strong feeling of something being in the closet in the restroom.  She works the nightshift and it seems things are seen on the security camera and noises are heard when she’s at work; otherwise it seems quiet at the garage.

There was also a man who drove a cab getting ready to get to work when we arrived.  He seemed aware of our investigation.  He seemed a little reluctant to talk to us but when Jenny and I were talking to the dispatcher he did talk to Craig a little.  Craig said this man feels this spirit followed them when they moved into this garage after their old place burned.  The driver told Craig that he and another driver believed the person they heard shuffling their feet was someone named Uncle Pat. They said he always shuffled his feet. He said that he never experienced hearing clicking or moving sounds in the garage when he was there. But that he would not be surprised if that happened. According to an audio recorder Craig was wearing the cab driver left the garage around 11:15pm.

We started our investigation around midnight.  We setup our equipment in different areas and walked around taking pictures in different areas.  We were hampered with the fact that the overhead lights were all on motion detection sensors.  We had to stay in one corner of the garage to keep the lights off.

Some things we did experience during our investigation:  Sounds throughout the garage.  One sounded like a popping sound.  Another was like someone was walking on the roof.  It was warm out that day and it was a steel roof so I’m sure there was some cooling contraction sounds, but you could almost follow the sound like it followed a path across a huge area of the roof.  Jenny also experienced hearing shuffling sounds like someone shuffling her feet.  That’s when Craig told her the cab driver had told him he had heard the shuffling sounds.

Craig realized during the investigation that a lot of the popping and ticking that we heard was coming from the fluorescent timed light fixtures. Possibly it was heating up and cooling down, does suggest that it might be mechanical timer clicking.

I’m not sure how the radios in the cabs work but we had been there awhile when we noticed one of the cabs (we think) seemed to be broadcasting a call.  It happened several times after that.  We think it was from a cab parked on the southwest end of the garage.   Like I said though, we don’t know how the equipment works.  Was there a radio in the garage?  We don’t know.

A few times Craig and Jenny saw movement of a shadow in the garage moving about the cars.  It happened quickly and only lasted a couple of seconds.  The movement was not picked up on our cameras.  Time was not noted.

Jenny physically saw an orb move from the northeast area and move out towards the center of the garage.  It disappeared.  Nothing was picked up on our equipment.  Time was not noted.

I had set a video recorder up on the wrecked black truck.  It was sitting on a tripod on the driver’s side mirror arm.  Around 1:00am something tapped my camera and then hit it enough to move the camera a little. We had just been discussing that Jenny and I had both noticed something moving in the garage.  I thought maybe one of the motion detection balls had lit up.  A little while late a giggle is heard during our evp session.

Craig’s findings: The "cardboard box" clip has a noise followed by a possible voice between 3 and 5 seconds.  Jenny and you are laughing at me at the same time (thanks a lot!).  I make a comment about hearing a box sliding.  This was at ~1:51AM.  The cardboard box recording is from the time that Craig was trying to get to the laser pointer to do our experiments. He was walking along the wall and trying not to turn any lights on. The noises he heard came from inside the small garage area we're Jenny thought she saw someone inside earlier (southeast corner of garage).  The laser experiment did not create the same look on our cameras like the phenomenon found on the infrared cameras in the garage.

Craig also picked up a few evps on the audio recorder he was wearing. "Heads Up", he received while setting up the laser pointer on a tripod sitting close to the door of a work area inside the garage.  "Is that the right one?" was captured as Craig was setting up his equipment.  It sounds as if I answer the voice but the voice is not familiar to any of us. As we were opening our tripods to setup our equipment Craig also received a voice.  We can't tell what it says.

Craig found a spot on his recorder that he was wearing at 1:56 am he was taking pictures from the walkway and he commented that it could be his (eye) floaters but that he thought he saw someone walk in front of the black truck.

On my video recorders and audio recorders you can sometimes hear what sounds like people talking but you can’t tell what they’re saying, the voices are muffled and soft.  It’s not us because our voices come across very clear when we do talk.  There were not groups of people standing outside the building during our investigation.  I have no explanation for this.

I did get a very bright orb and a faded orb in a picture I took of a car sitting next to the black truck.  It also looks like a face inside the car if you zoom in on the picture.  Could be a case of pareidolia though.

We have never performed an investigation before where we were restricted to an area (because of lights) but we experienced several sounds and saw movements more so than on many other investigations.

I’d like to thank the owner and employees of the Lincoln Cab Company for inviting us in to do this investigation.  We would like to come back to do another in the close future.  It does seem as though there are elusive spirits hanging around there.



Debbie Lowery


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