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Springfield Ghost Society Investigation


November 10, 2018


Marland Ave

Springfield, IL


Investigators:  Craig, John, Debbie

Client stayed at the house in the living room.


I would like to thank the client for inviting the Springfield Ghost Society into their home.


The client contacted us because of the following activity.  Dark shadows have been seen moving through the dining room into the kitchen area.  The basement has an uneasy feeling.  The master bedroom feels uneasy to one member of the family.  Animals react to something unseen.  Items go missing and just recently, the toilet in the bathroom off the master bedroom has started flushing by itself. (At the reveal for this investigation the client reminded me that they have heard knocking but can't tell where it comes from and it has continued since the investigation)

(We did an investigation on October 6, 2018 of this residence.  See that investigation on the investigations page for details.)

During this investigation we tried to keep one investigator per floor.  John reported that he didn't receive any evidence on this investigation.

I sat in the dining room to begin with taking pictures and running my audio recorders.  I put both my game cameras out in the dining room.  I laid a chalk board on the kitchen island.  After an hour I moved to the basement with my camera and audio recorder.  Nothing was remarkable down there.  After an hour I came back up to the main floor.  I was unable to get time in the upstairs bedroom because it was occupied by the other investigators.  I didn't get much on this investigation.  Some very weak evps and that's it.  They were all received in the dining room.  I apologize to the owner of the home for taking so long in getting the report to them.

Here are my evps:

Alright- original

Trump - original, Trump - cleaned

Jacob - original, Jacob - amplified

knocking - original, knocking - amplified

maybe - original, maybe - amplified

no - original, no - amplified

The owner has recently reported to me that both her and her child has heard voices talking at different times in the house but when they investigated no one was there.  The owner is very comfortable with whom she thinks are the spirits of the home.

Thank you to the owner for this opportunity.

Report from Craig Whitworth -

Craig picked up some weak evps.  They are hard to tell what they say but I'll post them here so you can listen to them.  Let me know if you have an idea of what they say.  debbie.lowery@comcast.net

Three evps were captured in the basement:




Two evps were captured in the master bedroom:



Two evps were captured in the dining room:




Investigator John Koenig did not get any evidence at this investigation.









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