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Feb. 24th 2017


Temp. 59, cloudy, windy

moonphase that night waning crescent


Investigator's Debbie Lowery and Denise Schleicher


Home owner reports: living room double doors opened (checked these doors and they would be hard to pop open by themselves)

TV turning on in living room when she was getting out of the shower, lamp in the living room would dim. Last known episode experienced was in the kitchen, a plastic Cardinal glass half full of water tipped over, she was not near the glass. Home owner has experienced numerous activity for over 25 years, in various home locations. One to be known as a child spirit, which I believe has moved on. 


I used 2 voice recorders, one was put into the hallway on top of a small cardboard box.

The other one I carried in my hand. The voice recorder in the hallway the battery was drained within 20 minutes. The battery was new and put in that morning. There were no EVPs on this recorder.

I also had a camcorder, and camera, no images were captured.

 Walking through the home both Debbie and myself both felt a heavy feeling, hard to breath, dizzy, particularly in the hallway, front bedroom and utility room. The Hallway was the worst, we both had to brace ourselves against the wall and door frame. It gave us what I call a fun house effect.   The front bedroom and utility room and bedroom no as bad, but I could still feel a presence.

I went into the attic and it felt clear. The only visible experience was in the utility  room. The blind wand was observed swaying back and forth. Debbie had looked out the window in that room prior maybe 45 minutes earlier. The attic steps were open, I closed them and the wand continued to sway. Would I call this paranormal, I don't think so at this time.

Although no EVPs were no recorded on this day I have gotten several on my various times in the house. I shared them with Debbie.

At this time Debbie thinks who ever is there is not malicious.  She believes who ever this is, is patrolling the home, particularly the hallway, and I agree.   

Denise Schleicher



Investigation - 1:00pm
February 24, 2017

Midland Ct., Springfield, IL

Investigators:  Denise Schleicher & Debbie Lowery

Client has only lived in this house 3 months.  Reason for moving is a change in job location.

Client has experienced paranormal activity around them for a very long time.  Thought maybe it was something attached and traveled with them.

Activity started in this house as soon as they moved in.   After moving in they experienced a double door closet in the living opening by itself.  The TV in the living room  came on once when client was walking out of the bathroom.  While they were packing to move a cup on the kitchen counter tipped over by itself.  Giggling has been heard.

Upon entering into the house I didn't really feel any change in air temp or pressure but Denise did.  It wasn't until I entered the laundry room through the kitchen did I start feeling a heaviness and it got worse as I walked into the hallway off the bedrooms and bathroom.  The master bedroom also had a heaviness to it but not as bad as the hallway.  I carried a digital audio recorder in my hand and also clipped a digital audio recorder on the front of my shirt.  I put a video camera in the master bedroom and a video camera in the living room.  I also used an electro-magnetic meter to detect changes in the electro-magnetic fields of the house but none were detected.


The only thing visually noted was a wand on the window blind in the laundry was found moving by Denise.  I had looked out the blinds about 15 minutes before that so it's possible the wand was still moving because of that plus there's a furnace vent below it.


We were in the laundry room when I thought I heard something knock.  Denise was just about to pull the attic door down and she didn't hear the knock so I thought maybe she had done something to make the noise.  Listening back on my recorders it's evident the knock happened before Denise pulls on the attic door.


As I listened to the playback on my recorder that I had clipped on my shirt I noticed heavy breathing and I thought to myself I shouldn't have clipped it on my shirt because it picked up my breathing.  I have done this many many times before and never had that issue.  The more I listened the more it became evident it wasn't me breathing like that.  


This is the first time in all the times I've investigated any evidence creeped me out like that breathing, just to know someone was close enough to me for my recorder to pick it up is unnerving.  The audio recorder I carried in my hand picked up absolutely nothing.  The video camera in the master bedroom picked up a voice mumbling and also a laugh or sobbing, it's hard to tell.  The video in the living room picked up an orb moving from the north wall (by the double doors that opened) into the room by the boxes that were sitting there on the floor.


I believe there is some kind of paranormal activity happening in the house but I don’t think it’s malevolent, it feels very possessive.  I also think there is more than one spirit with one being very controlling of the other.  I believe it is good they moved from this house because although I don’t think it will hurt them in any way, I think it’s very energy draining.


My findings:


EVPs – all on audio recorder carried on person

Clip of audio where you hear no breathing (just for comparison)


Breathing during laugh (me laughing during the breathing)

Breathing right after putting recorder on my person

Breathing with words at end

Faint knock

Help me (female voice)

Help me – help

I’m here


No – master bedroom



No – question was asked by us

Unknown words

Voice talking over mine



Video – 2  videos with evp

Whispering - There is talking in the background by Debbie.  What you're listening for is a whisper at about 21 seconds into the recordingSounds like laughing or sobbing.

Whisper - There is talking in the background by Denise. Whispering starts immediately but it sounds like 'get out' at about 6 seconds in


Video – visual

Orb moving


Debbie Lowery/Founder

Springfield Ghost Society





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