Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations

N. 15th St.

Springfield, IL


The Springfield Ghost Society received a called to investigate this home.  We investigated it twice.  Once on September September 12, 2008 and again on October 11, 2008.

Although we did receive some possible evps we still don't know why or who is haunting this home. 

Below is the note I received from this gentlemen about his house:


Hello my name is jxxx bxxxxx. Hope you all are doing well.  I think my house is haunted.


Lights don’t come on, dark shadows in the basement seen by my daughter and son in law, voices in the bathroom calling my wife’s name, the dogs look and nothing is there, shadows out the corner of your eye, motion sensor items come on by themselves in the pitch dark, my daughter won’t use one room in the basement at all.  Door opens and closes on its own in the basement.  It is fully finished and they live in it.  Silverware disappears and other items also. We are not real scared yet just really uneasy because we don’t know why it’s happening.  We do watch ghost hunters and ghost hunters international on the sci fi channel to learn more and the internet.  

The occupant's of this home tried to investigate on their own before calling us and received this information:

This is a reflection of a man in a suit the gentleman got when he took a picture towards the tv set.  There is the original and 2 enhance and then he offered a picture he found on the internet of a man in a suit to compare to that he felt look of the era.  original, enhanced1, enhanced2, compare.

They also picked up an evp that sounds like it says "I love you Walter".  It's very soft and fast.

Everyone was asleep when this was picked up by the recorder left on the fireplace.  "Whistle"


Our findings on 9/12/2008:

I'm alright

falling snow

loud knock

When we went back on 10/11/2008 this is all we got:



Shortly after, these people moved so we weren't able to follow up.  This is a very old neighborhood with many homes so it's very hard to tell what caused the incidents.  He also stated he did a lot of yard work with landscaping so maybe that might have made some spirits anxious.

Follow up:

4/6/2016 - I have talked with this gentleman.  He relocated out of state and told me he still has unexplained things happening in his home.  All different scenarios can be thought of.