Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations

N.1st St.

Springfield, IL


Date:  7/18/14


Time start/end:  9:00 = 11:00


Location:  1053 N 1st Street


Investigators:  Debbie Lowery, Rhonda Jones, Roberta Van Huss, Shannon Austin, Jay Sexton


Equipment Used:


Solar X-rays:  Normal

Geomagnetic Field:  Quiet


Moon Phase:  Last Quarter


Equipment Placement”




When we arrived we listened to the everyone’s account of the activity occurring on the premises.  We then did a walk through as they explained happenings in different locations and the activity in the upstairs bedrooms.  I set up my nightshot camcorder pointing towards the attic space and the RCA recorder in the south bedroom.  I then went to the north bedroom which was homeowner’s daughter’s until she refused to sleep in it any longer.


While there I felt the presence a very angry young man, messed up short blond hair, piercing blue eyes and age appearing to be approximately middle 20’s.  His clothing was modern, his long shorts pulled down a bit too much. 


I couldn’t pick up on a name only the anger and couldn’t pick up on the reason for the anger because he WAS so angry.  His favorite saying was “this is fuckin’ bull shit”.


While sitting in the north bedroom I felt a light touch to my ear like someone ran a finger around the top of my ear. 


My camcorder did turn off and then start recording again while recording the attic space.  Be it a glitch in the camera or paranormal I cannot stay with certainty but thought it was worth mentioning.


During the interview, the homeowner’s daughter was stating that after an earthquake the door started swinging open and would no longer latch shut.  I used a level and determined the door was level; however, in old homes sometimes moist or dry air can affect the door’s latch enough that adjustment to the latch needs to be made.  I believe a lot of the bulbs blowing out could be due to old wire, when she turned on the light on the fan in the north upstairs bedroom I saw a spark.  She said the fuse box had been updated but not the wiring.  From experience, many old houses still has the cloth coated wiring.


Findings: Thump, turn to



Springfield Ghost Society Report

Date:  July 18, 2014
Time:  9 P.M.
Location:  N. 1ST Street, Springfield
Weather:  Decent temps & clear
Investigators:  Debbie L., Roberta V. H., Rhonda J., Shannon A., & Jay Sexton

My Equipment:  2 Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, Video Camera, KII 2

Activity Per Client:  Footsteps are heard, black shadow apparition seen at top of stairs, a cross sitting on the table flew across the room, clients were woke up from the smell of smoke to find the pizza box sitting on top of the stove was ablaze.  

My Findings:  Possible picture of a face looking in or out a small mirror in the front room wall.  From my recorder placed in an upstairs bedroom I got constant thumping.  The starting point of the thumping was half way into recording until the end of recording.  The thumping could’ve been me rocking in the chair of which I hope not.

Submitted By:  Rhonda Jones