Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations

North Main St.

Athens, IL



History from clients:

Objects are moving in my daughter’s room. She has also heard voices in her room. I have felt someone sit on my bed at my feet. Towels have moved with no air flow. Items in daughters soon have been knocked off and or thrown. Dogs growl and stare in our room. Niece has seen shadow figure. My daughter is too scared to sleep in her own room. 

Debbie had no findings


Craig's findings:

Daughter's tv desk

pvr - daughter's room

daughter's room

pvr - check- help me


Date:  January 25, 2014

Time: 7:30

Location:  Athens, IL

Weather:  Cold


Investigators:  Debbie L., Craig W., Rhonda J.

Medium:  Kim


My Equipment:  Digital Recorder, Digital Camera, KII EMF Meter, EMF/Therm Meter, Video Camera


Type of Activity:  Client called upon SGS because of something that was brought into the home.  It was this old picture portrait of a young girl.  Shortly after bringing it inside the house strange things started happening.   In the oldest daughters bedroom objects have been knocked off and or thrown.  Daughter is too scared to sleep in her room.  Also, voices have been heard and a shadow figures have been seen.  Dogs growl and stare at nothing.  Client has felt someone sit at the end of her bed and no one is there.


My findings:  From my digital camera I captured 3 orbs.  One was in the clients  bathroom.  Second orb was in the laundry room and third orb was taken in the front room.  From my digital recorder I got 2 EVP’s .  First you hear a knock but then right after we all thought we heard a whisper.  Second EVP, Kim is trying to communicate to the spirit and you hear a “C’mon”.  From my video camera I got a small shadow in between the recliner and the wall in the front room.  They do have a cat but the cat stayed in the same spot laying on top of  vent and the clients 2 dogs were in another room with the door shut.


My thought of this place having paranormal activity, I would say yes.  I also feel there is nothing harmful at this location.


Submitted By:  Rhonda