Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations

North Ohio St. 2/6/15

Springfield, IL


Date:  February 7, 2015


Location:  N Ohio Springfield, IL return visit


Investigators:  Rhonda Jones, Craig Whitworth, Roberta Van Huss


Equipment Used:


Weather - Time Taken: 11:00 PM

Temperature:  34o

Dew point:  31o

Humidity:  88%

Pressure:  30.03”

Precipitation:  Clear


Solar X-rays:  Active

Geomagnetic Field:  Quiet


Moon Phase:  Waning Gibbous 91% illuminated


Investigation started at midnight with the hopes of capturing activity which was reported as occurring around 3:00 AM.  After setting up equipment we held an EVP session in the dining room also referred to as the breezeway. 


Rhonda Jones asked the questions and as she did I started “seeing people” appear one by one.  First was a lady with dark eyes and dark hair, heavyweight which was identified as the sister.  Second was a man 6 foot or a bit taller with striking blue eyes and what I would consider fairly normal built.  He as identified to be the Uncle.  Finally, was a lady I saw as being fair and also heavy.  In the beginning the homeowner wasn’t sure who she was and then recognized the description as a aunt which had passed and was buried out of state.  I made sure to note to the homeowner they were not earth bound but came and went when needed and was very happy with the news he and his family was going to be moving into the house. 


As the EVP session continued I saw a young man roughly teenage years appear from approximately 1900’s.  He was not a very happy young man and didn’t stand with the others who were looking at him like he was not welcomed.  Feeling uncomfortable, he did not remain very long.  I didn’t feel he was tied to the house but the property and one of the many “floaters” that I believe comes and goes.


Towards the end of the EVP session, as I sat quietly, the recorder I carry in my vest went into playback mode.  We then moved to the living room.


While in the living room I could pick up on the little dog but now there was a cat as well.  I captured EVPs of both the cat the dog barking.  The homeowner wasn’t sure where the cat came from but it too could be from the neighborhood and found the house to be a nice and comfortable place to reside.  During the time we were sitting and talking in the living room the little dog stayed at the feel of the homeowner and slept. 


We did an EVP session and while we sat quietly there was a man’s voice captured on my recorder and then a noise the homeowner heard and responded to.  It was during this session I picked up on someone talking about chicken and noodles, spaghetti being the best, and finally could smell someone baking chocolate chip cookies.   The homeowner said the chicken and noodles and spaghetti was his Mom, and the cookies his sister.


Towards the end of the investigation I saw many ladies standing by the front door dressed like around the world war era, some had on jump suits and some flowered dresses.  There were a couple of men but mostly women.  The homeowner did say there was a weapons factory just outside of Springfield and a shuttle took the workers there.


Conclusion:  I could not feel anything malicious or wanting to do harm to the occupants in the house this second investigation either.  I believe the previous events were one time and though could occur every so often in the future, nothing to be concerned about.  What I felt from the “visitors” was they were glad the house was staying in the family.


The investigation ended approximately 3:30 AM


Rhonda's findings:

footsteps, loud tap, possible growl, small orb - right side, small orb - window blind, strange male voice.


Craig's findings:

male voice back bedroom, laugh in hallway, voice in the hallway, a few seconds after the sigh, voice in living room just before he says it's just about that time.