Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations

North Vine St.

Springfield, IL


Investigation Date:  1/9/15

W. Vine St
Springfield, IL

Investigators Present:  Debbie Lowery, Roberta VanHuss, Rhonda  Jones

Client moved into the house 12 – 13 years ago.  House is over 100 years old.  Did not notice any unusual activity at that time.
Client has 2 daughters and 1 son.  When each daughter turned 14 or 15 they started experiencing odd things in the home like shadows in all different shapes.  Nothing was said about the son experiencing anything odd so we are assuming he didn’t experience anything.

The client started experiencing odd things while home alone and one of them is what prompted her to call us.

Client’s observations:

Sounds like kitchen cabinets open and close
-Client came home from work and went to bed.  She states she was tired and comfortable in the bed.  The bed started vibrating, after 3 seconds the bed stopped.  She sat up in bed.  She felt as though someone came into her room.  It felt like something put its face against the back of her head with its lips on her neck and said a line of gibberish.

-When the children were younger they experienced the ceiling light in the living room sway swiftly for no reason.

-She use to have 2 dogs.  The younger of the two was stolen from her.  This dog use to look at different areas and growl.  The dog she has now (Roxie) is very old and nothing seems to affect her.

We arrived at 8:00pm to start our investigation.  Client had to leave to go to work but before leaving she told us again of the things going on and gave us a tour of the house.  We were then left alone in the house.  One of her daughters stopped by with a friend towards the end of the investigation but left soon after.

I setup my Sony video recorder on the upstairs railing post shooting into the living room and then turned it to shoot towards the client’s bedroom about 15 minutes later.  No evidence was captured on this recorder.  I do want to note that I had it on battery and after 35 minutes the battery died.  It should have lasted 1.5 hours.

I carried the Hn4 audio recorder around with me.  Several evps were captured on this recorder.  Walking Upstairs was heard as we sat in the living room.  All three of us had been upstairs conducting an evp session and decided to go back downstairs.  You can hear us come down the stairs but at the end there are very fast footsteps which sound like they go into the back room.  Roberta was talking about another house when oh no was captured on my recorder just as the train whistle blew.  During a conversation about a lizard they had there as a pet this sound was picked up.

Nothing unusual was found in the pictures taken with the Kodak camera.

The investigation concluded around 11:30pm.

During our investigation we did get a chance to talk with the older daughter and found out that she did practice witchcraft while in the house.  She also played with the Ouija Board.  With this house being so old I believe it had spirits that came with the house when purchased but they were docile.  The older daughter opened a doorway for other spirits to enter the home and did not know how to close it, which made it easy for other spirits to come and go. 

Some of the shadows that the daughters saw were possibly manifested from the activity the older daughter participated in.  It’s possible one of the shadows was the Hatman.  This name is giving to this shadow because it always wears a hat.  According to past reports the Hatman hangs around just watching people.  Other reports claim he is a bad omen.

I felt comfortable in the living room but when entering the downstairs bedroom, basement, and upstairs I would get a very uneasy feeling.

We have concluded that this house is haunted with different unknown spirits.  Further investigations are suggested to try to figure out who these spirits might be.


Debbie Lowery/Founder
Springfield Ghost Society




Location:  Vine St., Springfield, IL
Time:  8:00 P.M.
Weather:  Cold, Clear & Breezy
Investigators:  Debbie L., Roberta V.H., Rhonda J.
Info & Activity:  This home is 100yrs old.  Owner has lived in this house for 14yrs.  Client has 2 girls and 1 boy.  All 3 kids are no longer living at this house.  Activity started from the beginning. The clients oldest daughter when 15 she had used a Ouija board and was practicing witchcraft. The youngest daughter when turned 15 noticed activity as well; her son did not. They have seen black shadows, clients bed vibrates, client has felt physical presence, and she hears voices.  
My Equipment:  Digital Records(2), Digital Camera, Digital Video Camera, K2 Emf Meter

My Findings:  From my digital recorder #1 I got 5 evps.  This recorder was downstairs when I heard these evps.  First evp was a "Yes" in response to a question that Debbie asked "If there was a Hatman".  Second evp I heard a strange laugh.  Third evp was a weird electronic sound.  Fourth evp was a scratching noise in which we all heard.  Sounded like it was coming from the basement.  Fifth evp was a squeaky sound.  From my video camera was placed in the clients bedroom and was placed in the front room towards the upstairs.  I got 1 evp from the audio of the same squeaky sound caught on my recorder and from video a fast traveling orb was seen in the clients bedroom.

Thoughts:  Yes there is activity in this house.  I believe that this activity was created from use of Ouija board and practice of witchcraft.  

Submitted By:  Rhonda Jones



Date:  1/8/15

Location: W Vine, Springfield, IL


Investigators:  Deb Lowery, Rhonda Jones, Roberta Van Huss


Equipment Used:


Weather - Time Taken:  7:37 P

Temperature:  7o

Dew point:  1o

Humidity: 73%

Pressure:  30.57”

Precipitation:  Clear


Solar X-rays:  Active

Geomagnetic Field:  Quiet


Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous – 80% illuminated


Equipment Placement: 

              Browning and RCA recorder – yellow bedroom

              Moultrie and Tascam recorder – tan bedroom

              Olympus and Sony Nightshot – kitchen

              Sony 1 and Aiptex recorder – with me


During the entire duration of the investigation I could see a great deal of movement but couldn’t make out any one entity, they were all basically just black shadowy images.  I did fine a vortex or a portal in the crawl space of the basement where I believe they come and go so no one particular entity remains that I could see just lots of different ones.  Homeowner had stated she felt as if she was being watched when in the basement and upon examination of the location where the washer and dryer is there is a furnace and the household fuse box with no cover. 


The upstairs and the basement both had an uncomfortable feeling but not the living room.  I didn’t spend much time in the downstairs bedroom except during the walk through and couldn’t feel anything in there. 


Because the oldest had practiced witchcraft while living in the home I believe that is what opened up the portal more than the use of the Ouija board.


Did receive several EVPs and one video clip of a white light in the yellow bedroom.

EVPS: kitchen scream , I think it's the same sound I picked up.

           thump heard in the tan bedroom, no one was in at the time.

           sound picked up in the kitchen on video

           light flash in the yellow bedroom as Debbie took the picture.  You can see her camera flash but no one else was upstairs with her.

           snapshot of the light flash in the yellow bedroom.

Roberta VanHuss