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Springfield Ghost Society Investigation

N. Dirksen Parkway

Springfield, IL

Investigation was performed on May 14, 2022

Investigators:  Debbie, Craig, Denise

Homeowner was home at the time of the investigation.  No animals were in the house.

2 or 3 months back, she woke and notice the blankets on her bed were moving at the foot of the bed.  Another night she woke to a figure standing next to her bed. It disappeared as she watched it.  She has seen a quilt move that was hanging over a chair in the living room.  The furnace or fan was not running.  The worse part is she started having a sexual sensation on her backside and front side as she laid in bed so she quit sleeping in her bed.  The feeling started happening to her whether she sat in her living room chair or on the couch.  It was a vibrating type sensation. She was getting no sleep.  She has no idea why all this started happening.  She did have a friend pass.  Client said just in the past few days she's started hearing religious music, the song "He Lives".  One time it was so loud she went outside to see if it was coming from there.  She doesn't think anyone else can hear it. 


This is our report:

Springfield Ghost Society
Investigation – May 14, 2022
7:00pm –10:00pm

Investigators: Craig, Denise, & Debbie


We arrived at the home at 7:00pm, talked with the client and setup our equipment to get ready for the investigation.  I setup a game cam in the master bedroom on a chest of drawers facing the door way and the bed and another game cam in the kitchen facing the living room.  I carried a personal audio recorder and also a Zoom H4N audio recorder that I carried with me or set down when I wanted to record in a specific room. I put the K12 evp sensor on the living room floor. Denise and Craig set their equipment up.

During our investigation Craig felt a strange sensation in the spare bedroom.  There was an accent chair in the room that he felt might have some energy attached to it.  He got three videos with strange lights associated with the chair. Video1, Video2, Video3

Craig also got a few evps that sounds like children talking and laughing.  There were no children in the house or outside around the house. 

Children talking 1, children talking 2, children laughing.

Denise, in taking pictures, had trouble with her camera taking clear photos in two different areas of the home.  One was in one of the bedrooms and the other was the laundry room.  Bedroom out of focus - in focus and the laundry room out of focus - in focus.  These pictures may be out of focus because of a malfunction but since she didn't have any other out of focus pictures you have to wonder.

I received no evidence except these two pictures with orbs, which we all know are questionable.  Pic1, Pic2

Who are the children we hear on our recorders?  Are they causing all the experiences our client is experiencing?  At this time, we don't know.  We are willing to come back to try to find more evidence to answer these questions.

Thank you for allowing the Springfield Ghost Society to investigate your wonderful home.


Debbie Lowery


Springfield Ghost Society





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