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Investigation Report – Debbie Lowery/Founder

Investigators present:  Roberta VanHuss, Rhonda Jones, Debbie Lowery

N. Ohio St
Springfield, IL

I was contacted by the client in regards to his mom’s house.  She just recently passed away and the client and his wife are planning to move into the home.  His mother at times would tell the client she would see things like shadows and clowns in the home, mostly happening around 3:00 a.m. 

At times when his mom was ill the client would stay overnight with her.  One time he recalled something slapped the bed at his feet.  It was forceful enough to wake him up.

After her passing the client went to the house.  He entered the door in the breezeway area, now turned into a room, and experienced hearing a kitchen cabinet door open.  He also was standing in the hall by the bathroom when he heard the closet door (already closed) behind him close. 

Since the client and his wife are planning to move in they wanted the house checked out.

Upon arriving at 7:30pm we spoke with the client.  He explained the activity to us and gave us a tour of the home.

The investigation began as we setup our equipment.  I setup a Moultrie game camera on the TV stand in the living room, a H4n audio recorder on an end table next to the door going into the hallway.  I also carried a recorder on my person and snapped random pictures with a Kodak camera throughout the house at different times. 

Every once in a while I would get up and walk around to take pictures and talk as if someone might be listening in hopes I might get a response.

Most of the time was spent sitting in the living holding an EVP session and talking with the client.  His wife came in at the end of the investigation as we were taking down the equipment.

My findings:

I did not find anything unusual on all the pictures I took.  The audio recorder that I carried on my person quit working at the very beginning.  I thought I had good batteries in it but it’s always possible they were weak. 

The H4n audio recorder did pick up an evp that sounds like it says
“I don’t know if they will or not, we’ll see”.  (That’s a rather long evp, unusual to pick up a full sentence.)

The Moultrie game camera on the TV stand recorded fine until the evp session started.  Although it looked like the camera was working correctly all the files on the disk were empty.  It started working again after the evp session stopped.  It did pick up what sounds like several evps during the time it worked.

“if I could eat that often”
“there’s really nothing exciting”
speaking at the end,(several words during the clip (no,crazy and others)
voice (sounds like jerry or sherry)
there is a non-understandable response after the wife says the hospital asked, what’s her medicine list
Then there’s one that says “who are” right after the wife coughs

Our feeling about this house is that you are sharing spaces with unknown spirits.  They are not dangerous.  Some may roam the neighborhood like Roberta said.  They are docile though and will from time to time create noises and possibly move something.  It’s possible the client’s parents visit but I think the unknown activity will slow with time and will hardly be noticeable, unless it’s very quiet in the house.  I feel living in the home is a great place to live.  

We are available if you would like further investigations.


Debbie Lowery/Founder
Springfield Ghost Society


Date:  January 7, 2015


Location:  N Ohio St, Springfield IL


Investigators:  Deb Lowery, Rhonda Jones, Roberta Van Huss


Equipment Used:


Weather - Time Taken:  5:45 PM

Temperature:  0o

Dew point:  -8o

Humidity:  69%

Pressure:  30.94 in.

Precipitation:  Clear


Solar X-rays:  Active

Geomagnetic Field:  Storm


Moon Phase:  Waning Gibbous – 93% illuminated


Investigation began:  7:30 PM


Equipment set-up locations:  Olympus – room with daybed; Sony – with me; Tascam – kitchen; RCA – dining room; Browning cam – kitchen; Moultrie – day bed; Aiptex – with me; Sony night shot video – dining room; Mel EMF meter – with me


A EVP session was conducted which lasted the duration of the investigation.  During the set-up I felt an Italian gentleman names possibly “Dominic” but was unable to get a clear view of him.  Also during the EVP session felt the presence of a little girl approximately 10-12 years old and again could not get a clear view of her.  What I DID see was a little dog later identified as the family pet, a little cocker spaniel.  I wondered if some of the bed movement could have  been this little dog,


I truly believe whomever might be in the house are what I refer to as floaters or spirits that move from place to place. 


All of my equipment experienced some degree of  battery drain and/or was turned off.  The recorder I carry with me recorded for approximately 17 minutes and then turned off.  At first I believed I might have missed turning it on but didn’t and in order to turn it off you have to pull down and hold a button.


Throughout the EVP session I saw some flashes of light and a small dark shadow, nothing bad at all.  I felt very comfortable in the house.


Captured several thumps, the ones in the bedroom was mid-point of my recording and the ones in dining room was towards the end.  The recorder in the kitchen captured a breath and one thump.  My Aiptex video camera captured a faint EVP while the other investigators was discussing not whispering.


Investigation ended approximately 10:00 PM



Roberta VanHuss


Springfield Ghost Society Investigation Report

Date:  January 7th, 2015
Time:  7:30 P.M.
Location: Ohio Street, Springfield, IL
Weather:  Cold and Windy
Investigators:  Debbie L., Roberta V.H., Rhonda J.
My Equipment:  K-2 Emf Meter, Olympus Digital Recorders(2), Kodak Digital Camera, Sony Digital Video Camera

Type of Activity:  The client had heard the kitchen cabinets open and shut and while sitting on his mom's bed something hard had hit the bed.  The clients mother that use to live in the house had witnessed unknown people and even clowns walking in the house.  The clients father had passed away in 2001, so the mother thought maybe her deceased husband was playing jokes on her.  

My Findings:  From one of my recorders that was placed in the mothers bedroom I heard a knocking/banging noise.  From my Sony video camera I heard what sounded like a female mumbling something but couldn't make it out.  I did not get anything from my pictures or any hits on my K-2 meter.

Final Thoughts:  There are spirits in the house.  I feel some of them are just wondering spirits that lived in the neighborhood possible some from the old Pillsbury Factory.  From Roberta she sensed a deceased family dog and possibly the clients mom and dad.  

Submitted By:  Rhonda Jones