Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations

Prairie Capital Convention Center

Springfield, IL



April 12, 2014

We were asked by the PCCC if we would like to participate in their Scarefest RoadTrip weekend.  The convention center was hosting a ScareFest RoadTrip showcasing monster costumes, makeup and everything falling under the realm like paranormal stuff.  Since there had been a few deaths at the convention center in the past they asked us to do an investigation to see if we could make contact with any of the spirits. Some people who work at the convention center have experienced odd unexplainable happenings. It just happens that 3 of the spirits supposedly there are named Bob, Bobbie, & Robert.   Bob was a tow truck driver working at the Monster Truck convention. He died at the convention center after a monster truck ran into his tow truck pinning him between his tow truck and the wall.  Then there is Bobbie, he was a teenager who loved to play basketball.  He had come to the convention center to watch the Truck Pulls.  During one of the pulls a tractor's engine exploded sending shrapnel and pieces of the engine up into the stands.  Bobbie was hit by a flywheel.  PCCC employees and some onlookers carried Bobbie into a file/storage room in the mezzanine across from the seating to get him out of the publics eye, he died in that room.  Now when employees have to go into that room they say they feel his spirit so they talk to him while they get what they need.  The other person was Robert, he is said to have died during the building of the convention center.  He was a steel worker and fell to his death one day while working.  There was also man who hung himself in the parking lot office after being distraught over his girlfriend leaving him.  Rumors have it that an actor who was performing at the convention center many years back was coming back from a bar, walking down an alley to the convention center when someone hit him on the head and robbed him.  He died from his injuries.

We conducted our investigation on Friday night April 11th after everyone had gone home for the day.  We interviewed a man who use to work as a night maintenance man and he told us he could hear someone playing basketball in the middle of the night.  They have a special floor they have to put down whenever they host basketball games and it was not down but it sounded like it was.  His office was in the basement so he would go upstairs to the main floor to check and it would be totally dark with no one there.  They always suspected Bobbie was there playing his favorite game.

An audio/video personnel told us she had setup audio/video in a meeting room.  When she checked it something was wrong because it was not working. She went downstairs to the basement to check the audio/video closet to see what had happened.  While in the closet she saw someone walk past the hallway to the closet.  No one should have been in the convention center at that time so she walked out to catch them to see why they were there.  When she left the hall there was no one around.  She looked all over and found no one.  She wondered if Bob or Robert was checking on things.

As I said before there's the file/storage closet where Bobbie took his last breath.  People who have to go into that room feel his presence.  They do what they need to and get out as soon as they can.  Some feel as if they need to talk to him while they're in that room.

Our investigation began in the storage/file room.  We took turns being in the room to see if Bobbie wanted to talk to us.  Craig did pick up a voice when he was in the room alone.  It sounds like it said "They can make us leave".  Is he concerned he will be asked to leave?

While Craig and I were in the mezzanine across from that room Craig's pictures showed many light anomalies.  Orb1, Orb2, Orb3, Orb4, Orb5.  Was it dust?  It's possible but what if Craig captured the energy of lost souls.

I also took pictures and video of the storage/file room from out in the hallway.  A video camera captured a shadow in the room.  There was no one in that room at the time.  You can see a couple guys enter the room at the end of the video.

Rhonda received these evps:  back1, back2, really.

Roberta and I walked down the staircase to the area where the tow truck driver died.  We asked questions while there and Roberta's recorder picked up something.  One question I asked was if Bob was there.  Right after I say Bob you can hear a very faint "Bob" reply.  You may need earphones to hear it.

Towards the end of the investigation we all went to the basement (lower level) and held an evp session.  During that time Roberta had her voice box running. You can hear Carl ask if the spirit could say Rudolph.  The reply he got was "George".  Is there also a George trapped there?

We had a great time and hope to do further investigations.  Thank you Prairie Capital Convention Center for including us on the great weekend.