Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations

Pawnee Library Annex Building

Pawnee, IL


Springfield Ghost Society Report   
Pawnee Library Annex (2nd Investigation) 

Date:  February 13, 2015
Time: 12:00 A.M.
Location:  Pawnee, IL
Investigators:  Debbie L., Craig W., Roberta V.H., Rhonda R.J., Pat V.D.  
My Equipment:  Digital Camera, (2)Digital Recorders, KII EMF Meter, Digital Sony NightShot Video Camera 

 Debbie was told that SGS could do a second investigation.  This big black blob shadow was there again but this time it behaved.  We stayed on the first floor for an hour then we went up to the second floor hoping to have an encounter with Nancy (possibly the blob portraying her) but she never showed.  Roberta felt a presence of the same old man that was there the first time.  Then we walked up to the third floor, not much activity.  Then we went down to the basement.  Don't think too much was going on down there either.

My Findings:  I got a two EVP's from 1 of the digital recorders; of which came from the main floor.  One evp sounded like a fluttering sound.  Like maybe someone going through a book or could be a sound of someone’s equipment.  The second evp I got sounded like someone moving an object.  All 5 investigators were on the 2nd floor when these were heard.  From my Sony Nightshot Video Camera, you can see the KII Meter light up when Black Blob got closer.  I have 2 clippings of this happening.  From my digital camera I have 2 pictures of possible orbs.  

My conclusion is yes there's definitely something there.  In comparing the first and the second investigation there are 4 or 5 spirits in there.  Well 1 of them not sure what it is.  From the looks of this thing it's an evil & negative creature/being that likes to cause havoc.  Also, the spirit called "Nancy" is supposed to be a little girl, but myself & others think it’s this negative creature portraying as her.  This place is definitely interesting and would have no problem going back.

Submitted By:  Rhonda   


Roberta's findings:

orb, upstairs breath sound


Pat's findings:

black movement, greenlight, moving orb, name, orb


Debbie: no findings

Craig:  no findings