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Pawnee Library Annex

Pawnee, IL




Our investigation went good.  We did have some luck.  Do you know of a George Flanagan or Barb or Nancy Kellerman?  My daughter has the ability to talk with spirits and George and Nancy came through.  Nancy was a 7 year old child who thinks its 1970 and she's looking for her mother Barb.  She said she (Nancy) and her dad were in a car accident and he died.  She doesn't realize she is also dead.  She stays on the second floor.  George came through but all he would do was tell us his name.  There's also an older man there also who likes to mess with woman.  Several of the women there that night were touched by him.  He wouldn't give his name.  We don't know why they are in the building.  We also met with a darkness who attached itself to me and I had to remove myself from the building to get free of it, I went back in and I was fine the rest of the night.  It's not necessarily evil but I think it's pieces of personalities left from people who had some type of issues. It's dark, kind of flat and crawls on the ceilings, floors and walls.  When it attaches itself to you it can make you have health issues such as nausea, headache, feeling of being very tired and depression.  I don't believe it can leave the building so once you remove yourself you're ok.  It stays mainly on the main floor.  We did get some audio evidence and orb activity.  We would definitely like to come back to see if we can get more information if it's possible.  Thanks again for allowing us to investigate. 

Findings for me this night:

EVPs:  Are you here?  Yes


Video: Flashing orb, orb towards Debbie, orb by Shannon, orb coming towards camera, orb towards camera


Springfield Ghost Society report Pawnee Library : 10/11/14                                                                                   

I arrived at 8: 50PM and was greeted by Debbie ,Jennie, Roberta , Rhonda,  Jay and Shannon. Craig arrived later around 11:30. You all know what happened during the time we spent there so I will tell you what my impressions are. During our time as a group on the main floor the only thing I saw with my eyes was something move 3 times in the adjacent room that leads upstairs. I saw nothing and really felt nothing of ill intent during the times Debbie was being pestered by the black mass’ entitys. I believe it was there but I did not pick up on it at all.                                                                                                                          

During the time we were all upstairs I did pick up on a few things. First when Jennie led the child entity into the room with us I could see a boiling type heat signature blob about 3 feet off the ground between Craig and I as we were sitting on the floor. Now  bear in mind it was very dark up there and it was strange to see it that clearly in that much darkness. I am assuming it was from the child entity. I also got a creepy suspicion it was something else posing as a child but that may be just me. I just had a bad feeling about it and still do. Rhonda mentioned that too about 10 minutes after I thought that.When Debbie and  Jennie were interacting with the child entity and also the first time they were trying to talk to it thru the door I did not see or hear a thing. I just got ya know that dread feeling that it was not really what it seemed  to be. But I do believe something was in that room with us. During the first session of Debbie and Jennie talking to the entity thru the door I did get all that on my video and when the entity left my video cam died. I keep a hawk eye on that stuff at all times and I had 51 minutes left on my battery and then it just went dead. Shut itself off and died. When we went back downstairs it had 33 minutes remaining on it now how to explain that! I missed a lot of key footage because of that and I look forward to saying something about it when we return there.                                                          

All in all I had a great time at the place and I would say in my mind there is something at the place. Good or bad or maybe both. Look forward to finding out.                                                                            Thank you Pat Van Diver.


Findings for Pat this night:

EVP1, video1, video2, video3, pic1, pic2, pic3



Roberta's findings for this night:

Noise, tap after question, tap to question, thump to question, thump, trust me, scratching

spirit box accident, spirit box Flanagan, spirit box lets hope and Flanagan, spirit box thats right