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Haunted Investigations

Plover Rd.

Springfield, IL




House is 9 years old
Was his father's house but father past away
He has lived there for about 1 year but it's just been the last 4 months things have happened
Things happen mostly when he's in bed
pulls on blanket
ripped blanket off of him recently
plays with hair
heard a little voice
heard a giggle
dog was his dads - barks and cries and sits outside bedroom by door like he's waiting to be let in
his shirt has been pulled up twice while standing at the kitchen sink

felt like something was drawing on his back


We really didn't find any signs of paranormal activity.  I'm not saying this did not happen to him but it just didn't present itself while we were there.  Rhonda has some videos of the client lying in bed.  We were trying to make it as normal as possible.  We had video cameras trained on him.  He felt very uneasy while lying in bed.  He did have some unexplained experiences but we really didn't catch them on video.

Fingers on back

voice that says "hollar"

hollar or harland

orb activity

he feels something sit on his bed

he feels his shirt move

tapping noise

feels like fingers walking up his back

He was trying to sell the home.  We hope whatever is bothering him doesn't follow him.  We haven't heard from him since this investigation.