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Petersburg, IL




November 15, 2014

Petersburg, IL

Investigators:  Debbie, Rhonda, Roberta

This is a return investigation.  Last investigation was in October 2013.

I was called by the residence of this home because they have had more activity going on in their house.  They weren’t concerned about the usual things happening like noises or voices but recently their 2 year old son, who is now staying in the same room as their middle son stayed in when he experienced his imaginary friend, started waking up at night screaming and say “guy” as he pointed towards the closet in his room.  They were hopeful we could find out what was frightening him.

We arrived at 8:00pm.  The children were already gone from the house.  We met with the owners and they explained to us what has been happening.  When we did an investigation last year the master bedroom bed randomly shook enough to wake up the people.  It stopped shaking around April/May of this year and around October they mentioned it hadn’t shaken in a while.  After talking about this the bed started shaking again.  Last time it shook around the edges, this time it shakes from the center of the bed.  It’s almost as if someone was telling them it’s not over.  The owners left the home and we set up our equipment for the investigation.

Unfortunately, I did not capture any evidence of activity at all.  I did however have a couple personal experiences during the investigation.  While sitting in the living room I had a view of the hallway leading to the children’s bedrooms.  Once and only once I saw in the hallway a black ball go up in the air and then back down.  It reminded me of a child jumping like playing leap frog.  I also saw what looked like a white mist moving around in the hallway coming from the 2 year olds bedroom.  Unfortunately nothing was found in the 2 year olds bedroom.  Two video cameras were trained on the closet but did not pick up anything unusual.  Audio recorders were also placed in the room but nothing unusual was found on them.  I’m thinking the black ball which I think was a spirit and the white mist are connected with what the 2 year old sees in his room.

Nothing unusual was picked up on any of my video recorders, audio recorders or pictures.  I will go over everything a second time to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

We were not able to find out what was frightening the child.  Unfortunately ghosts don’t perform on command.  I do believe it was there that night but the equipment didn’t pick it up.  Update: I did find an evp and an orb on my camera that was in the livingroom.  I can't tell if the evp is saying something.  If anyone can hear if it says anything please let me know.  The other is an orb that seems to have direction.  Starts toward the camera then changes directions.

Roberta did not receive any evidence but Rhonda did pick up some audio evidence and orbs in pictures in other areas of the house.

One picture that Rhonda took in the basement looked at first glance as a reflection of the camera flash off a picture on the wall – pic054.  It contained several orbs including one moving orb.  The next picture still shows the reflection but no orbs.  Second glance, the reflection may possibly be an apparition.  It looks like it’s going through the wall and its face is turned towards the wall.  The whole body is not visible.  Roberta was in the office in the basement taking pictures and using the EMF meter while I stood at the door watching.  We are wondering if it moved because of us.  This is just a possibility.  Common sense tells us it’s a reflection but many things are missed because of common sense in the paranormal.

I feel more investigations will reveal more evidence but that’s totally up to the owners of the house on how far they want to pursue this.

Thank you for this opportunity to help you.


Debbie Lowery/Founder
Springfield Ghost Society


Date:  November 15, 2014 - Roberta VanHuss


Location:  Popular Place, Petersburg, IL return visit


Investigators:  Debbie Lowery, Rhonda Jones, Roberta Van Huss


Equipment Used:


Investigation stared at 8:00 PM


Equipment set up:  Olympus recorder – on ottoman in living room; Tascam in back bedroom; Sony with me; Cam 1 set up in living room on tripod; Cam 2 on dresser in master bedroom.


While sitting on the couch during an EVP session saw the face of a man approximately 45 to 50 by the dining room table.  Did not see any other part of  his body, just the face.  It was later verified the little dog often barks in the corner where I saw him.  Just before seeing the face, I had seen a black figure  in the same area moving quickly.


As on the previous investigation, I could still feel the presence of Robert and a young boy; however, this time I could see the young boy better.  He appears to be about 8 or 9, possible name of Michael.  I estimated him to be in the 1930’s but upon doing research of his clothing it was closer to  the 1920’s.  I felt as if he died of a fever and found there was a Spanish flu epidemic in the 1918’s in that area.  This investigation I did see a woman 1920-1930 standing by the ottoman. 


While sitting on the couch I felt as if we were being watched so intently it was uncomfortable from the direction of the hallway to the bedrooms.


Towards the last hour of the investigation while talking with Debbie I could see multiple images in the living room watching us.  I’m under the impression they move about the property and not tied to this one property.  I would venture to say the neighbors may have the same “visitors” from time to time.  They were “visiting” to see what we were doing.


Debbie asked if I would stand with my back to a post but not lean up again it to see if I felt the chill she did and I did.


The investigation ended at 11:33 PM


Heard several light thumps on my recorders but not sure if it was us or just the normal sounds of the home.  Other than that, no EVPs, videos, or photos.



Rhonda's evps:  child_voice, Female_Damn, give_a_poo, LoudStomps, Noise_Basement, odd_noise, old_man