Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations

Poplar St.

Petersburg, IL

Info about the investigation. As you know this investigation is being performed to provide evidence for the October 25th presentation for the Petersburg Town and Country Women's Club. This house does have unexplainable happenings.

Poplar Drive

Petersburg, IL

House is 8 yrs old

3 children - 9, 6, & 1

6 yr old has an imaginary friend


Parents wake to their bed shaking

They hear obscure noises in the kitchen and basement

Dad saw someone standing in the kitchen
They wake up to lights on in different areas of the house

Objects disappear only to appear in plain sight

Family and friends refuse to stay at this house during visits


Date:  October 11, 2013

Location:  Poplar Drive, Petersburg, Il

Investigators:  Debbie Lowery, Rhonda Jones, Ed Osborne, Roberta Van Huss

Equipment Used:  RCA and Sony recorders, SVP 18M Full Spectrum digital camera with Full Spectrum external light, Coolpix L610 Nikon 16M Black and White low light setting with no flash, EPod.


Weather - Time Taken:  6:59 PM

Temperature:  72o

Dew point:  53o

Humidity:  51%

Pressure:  29.92

Precipitation:  Clear skies


Solar X-rays:  M Class Flare

Geomagnetic Field:  Quiet


Moon Phase:  First Quarter 50% illuminated


RCA recorder was sat on changing table in the babys room.  The Sony was with me the entire investigation.


8:44 Stayed in the babys room to see if I could hear the investigators and homeowners through the registers  from downstairs and heard them clearly. 


Homeowner had stated the middle son would hear an imaginary person named Jem under his bed and she stated that she has heard a man talking downstairs when no one was there.  While standing in there started feeling hot but found out later the air conditioner had been turned off; however, upon leaving the room I wasnt hot any longer.


9:13 Sat in the master bedroom with my emf meter.  This is where they have felt the bed shake.  Did not feel anything.


9:28 While Deb sat in the babys room I watched the baby monitor for any activity and saw an orb fly by her head.  Earlier Ed had been sitting in the rocker and had received a scratch on his face.  Odd, in an IR light eyes usually are white but Deb's was black.  At this point my recorder started cutting in and out.  While reviewing the evidence I thought perhaps my recorder was malfunctioning but upon listening to another recording taken the following night, it didnt do it then.


Sat in baby's room for awhile and felt a cold breeze around me and then my stomach became upset.  Once I left the room it all went away.


Approx.10:45 - Rhonda, Debbie, Ed, and I was in the master bedroom and had a quick spike of our K2 EMF meters.


Later Rhonda, Ed and I sat on the bed and felt a short little bump in the middle of the bed.


I felt a little boy and earlier I picked up on a worker, a foundation and masonry worker.  Both Ed and I saw the same person and both felt "Bob" as being his name, age roughly 50, and didnt pass on the site.  Since the home was a prefab construction Im wondering if any recycled material was used in the home, same goes when the foundation was constructed.  Homeowners husband stated a person out of Riverton did the foundation.  Was new materials used or recycled from another foundation?



Evidence that was collected:

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