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N. Prairie

Raymond, IL





Raymond, IL

Private Residence


We were called by the residence of this house to investigate strange happenings in their home.



2 yr old plays tug of war with something unseen with his blanket

2 yr old says he’s seen a little girl in the hospital by the name of Kari

Wife has seen a little girl & boy who looked like prairie children from a long time ago.

Family has heard children playing upstairs when no children were up there.

When son and girlfriend sleep upstairs they hear noises throughout the night.

Someone or something brushed wife’s hair while sleeping in bed and she felt a depression on her pillow.

They have found lights on.

Feeling of being watched.

4 Drinking tippy cups completely disappeared one at a time only to reappear in the middle of the living room floor all at once.

They have heard running upstairs.

An electronic elmo doll walked across the room in front of several teenagers.  It was designed to walk but it had no batteries in it at the time.  The elmo song was also playing.

There was a leap frog game that played a trumpet sound.  It also had the batteries out of it.

Doors have been opened and they have felt coldness around them.

Girlfriend stayed upstairs by herself one night.  She heard noises and saw distorted figures.

Sounded like the dryer turned on by itself.  When checking it was off.

Wife used to live in a house in Springfield Illinois that had unexplained happenings.  The story is the house she lived in was at one time the home of counterfeiters and there was a shooting.  Not known if there were any fatalities.

The heat would turn off by itself.

She put a nail in her daughters bedroom window.  She came home and the window was open and the heat was off.



Debbie, Kenny, Jenny, Larry, Craig – SGS Investigators


Homeowners were home.


I set up my Sony night vision camcorder up in the living room facing towards a southwest corner.

I walked around with my audio recorder and digital camera, taking pictures all throughout the house.

I walked outside to walk around the perimeter of the house and noticed a shadow in the upstairs window.  No one was up there.  I got a few pictures with questionable activity.  Nothing else was noted.


figure_curio_cropped.JPG (59218 bytes) orb_attic.JPG (1011833 bytes)



Craig was sitting on a folding chair in the corner of the middle attic room.  He thought that some of my cables were stretched across his leg because he felt several pressure points on the side of his thigh.  But, when he checked, the cables were all behind his back and nothing was touching his leg.  There was nothing captured on sound or video at the time.  He experienced nothing else.


Jenny felt the front room had been used as a viewing room years ago.  The house was built in 1914 and was the property of a church that sits across the street.  Many spirits were felt in the house especially the front room.


Larry took some pictures that have possible activity in them.  He experienced nothing else.


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We want to thank these people for allowing us to investigate their home.


Debbie Lowery

Springfield Ghost Society