Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations

S. Finis St.

Virden, IL



Springfield Ghost Society Investigation

S. Finis St., Virden, IL


June 18, 2016


Investigators – Debbie Lowery, Rhonda Jones

Other people there – Client, 2 dogs, 2 cats

Client has lived in the house a couple of months.  Lives with her boyfriend and son

Things that have happened:

Phone flew out of her hands
A doll she bought for her daughter would be found in different spots.  Once she found the doll in the shower.  She put the doll in a closet and every morning when she got up the closet door would be open.

They see shadow people

Client gets very bad migraines since moving in

Boyfriend got up in the middle of the night and found a candle lit on the fireplace in the living room.  It was not lit before going to bed.

When taking pictures in the living room they discovered there were faces on the wall.


Started investigation at 8:00pm.  After getting a tour of the home we set up our equipment mainly in the living room and the master bedroom.  Walked around and took pictures of the whole house.

Did evp session in the living room.  Took pictures of living room wall and also got what looks like faces.  I think something is showing through the paint that was there before.  They said the house stood empty before they moved in so it could be graffiti of some kind.  Nothing to worry about there.

Finished investigation around 10:30pm.




Received several evps

knocking1 – I had heard knocking and asked who knocked.  No one else heard it. Also someone says the word Stacy or spacey in it right after the knock.
knocking2 – heard on another recorder, same knocking.  Also someone says the word Stacy or spacey in it right after the knock.
Strange Noise – (not sure what it is)
Where are those things going?  - at the very end.  All throughout the clip it sounds like a woman talking
You’re a haulic
Rhonda’s Report

female talking – (can’t tell what she says)
he’s married
it’s hot - audio clip played backwards
knocks - same as what Rhonda got
let me go
male voice – (can’t tell what he says.  There were no males there that night during recording)
oh chika you care – (have no idea what this means)
she’s clear
shita – (not familiar with this word)
thank God he’s leaving
there they go f__k

What is that?
White House
Talking ( not sure what's said)


We have determined there is something there.  We’re not sure if it resides at the house or if it roams the neighborhood.  Virden is an area where the KKK was active and also coalminers battled.  We really need to do another investigation but the client moved.