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Client contacted me after her son experienced a paranormal happening at her home.  Son does not live at her house but did come by when no one was home.  She received a frantic call from him saying he saw a dark shadow in the shape of a man move from the bedroom hallway area into the dining room and into the kitchen. He followed but found no one and there were no signs of anyone getting into the house.

The male client who lives in the house has expressed that while in the basement  he has felt like someone  was watching him.  It felt like someone was standing back by the furnace.

They have 2 cats and 1 dog.  All animals have shown signs of watching something unseen.

Two different pictures on the shelves in the dining room seem to turn around on their own.

Female client who lives in the house has heard 2 sets of knocks on the kitchen windows.

She has lived in the house for 14 years.  She has been married for 6 years.  She said it seems all the activity started when husband moved in.

Male client (husband) has lost his father and sister in the near past.



January 22, 2017

Arrived at 6:30pm

Began the investigation with introductions. 

Set my Olympus audio recorder up to record immediately

Set the H2N audio recorder in the dining room on the shelves

Set the green game camera up on the counter in the kitchen facing the dining room

Set the black game camera up on the living room tv stand facing the dining room

Set the GoPro up in the living room on the fireplace shelf facing the dining room

Carl started getting high emf readings immediately.  Determined it was possible wall switch issues

Went down to the basement for about 13 minutes.  Walked around and asked questions

Went back upstairs

Amy sent text message to Dan next door to come over. She wanted us to hear what he picked up on his recorder

Dan has left his recorder in their house on several occasions

We all sat around and talked and then the investigation was over around 8:30pm




Review of my data

The Olympus audio recorder that I carried on my person picked up several evps.

Nothing was found on pictures or GoPro

The H2N audio recorder did not pick up anything

The black game camera in the living room did not pick up anything

The green game camera in the kitchen did pick up 2 audio anomalies during video

It is noted that since there were animals present in the house it is totally possible any of the evps could be from sounds they made or any adults present during the investigation.

voice in basement - 1 sec in (can't tell what it says) - then at 6 sec hear the knocks (everyone saying what's that)

Who is she - 1 sec in

no - 2 sec in - after your question

ask if like elvis - 2 sec in - weird sound - then at 6 sec - yeah (?)

basement voice hair touched - 26 sec in - oh yeah

murder - 3 sec in - talking about the door in the basement over by the old desk

not for killing me - 1 sec in - still talking about the door

original breath sounds - 6-7 sec in

amy.avi - 17 sec in

Oh my god - 17 sec in -   then clunking sounds


In my opinion I feel there are spirits who possibly cohabit with the people of the home.  Since nothing really happened before the husband moved into the house it’s very possible he has an attachment or a spirit(s) visit him at different times.  There is also the possibility that a neighborhood roamer (spirit) makes its way into the house a different times, not even relative to the people who live here.  Since we did not get any names it’s difficult to say who it might be and how many there are.  The feeling I got while in the house was a warm friendly feeling.  I don’t believe the spirits are there to harm.  Clients have been given directions on how to talk to the spirits in hopes they leave them alone.

Respectfully written by

Debbie Lowery/Founder

Springfield Ghost Society




Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

1617  S.  Pasfield, Springfield, IL.

6:30pm to aprox. 8:30pm, Debbie Lowery & Carl Jones Investigators


  We arrived at the home at 6:30pm, met the owners Mike and Amy Antonacci, and began our investigation. My EMF meter showed high levels of energy in the kitchen area and front room areas that were relatively constant, and some in bedrooms and bathroom that were higher. Light switches showed high levels as well as appliances. It is an older home and possible wiring might be causing some of it and may even be helping feed any paranormal activity that may be present in the home. My voice recorder was on from the time we entered the home, and between the main floor and basement area I captured at least 11 possible evp’s. I have investigated this home before, and with the many experiences that the residents have encountered throughout the years in this older home, and the evidence that we have captured, I do believe that there are spirits/ghosts that dwell in the home on a regular basis. From the stories that were told, I do not believe that the residents have anything to worry about, and I don’t believe any of the ghosts/spirits will cause any harm to anyone or anything there. They may even enjoy the people there and somewhat be watching over the home in a way. I think that they are there on their own free will and maybe even lived there, or were very familiar with the home when they were alive. Many photos were taken throughout the home with my full spectrum camera, but nothing unusual appeared in them.

Respectfully submitted,

Carl Jones (SGS Investigator)

EVPs collected by Carl that night:


who's that (Child)



Oh Yea


Voice (Amy)

Voice (Breath)

Voice (Great Man)

Voice (Yeah)

Whisper in basement (sentence)









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