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S. Lowell
Springfield, IL

Investigation – 11/4/2022
Time – 8:00pm

Investigators – Debbie, John, Craig, Denise, Rick




House was built in 1900 per County Building records.


At present time there are no animals.


Wife has lived in this house since 2016.  Since then she divorced her husband.  Her new husband moved into the house at the end of 2020.  She said they did not notice any unusual activity after he moved in.  At the time they had 2 big dogs. She said it may have been happening but they thought the dogs did it.  The dogs died last year (April & June 2021).  They both had cancer.  The unusual activity started up in September of this year (2022).


At the beginning of the activity (2022):


Early September - Husband wears earbuds a lot.  One day in early September, the earbuds came up missing.  He couldn’t find them anywhere. Towards the end of the month, they had guests over who spent the night in the guest bedroom downstairs. 


9/24: While wife was playing the piano, he saw a woman walk down the stairs.  Her hair was done up in a bun and she was wispy and see through.


9/28: they were changing the bed sheets in the downstairs guest bedroom and found the husbands earbuds between the head of the bed and the wall.  They said neither their son nor their guests would have a reason to use these earbuds or hide them.


9/29:  they noticed a few kitchen cabinets open during the day.  They assumed their son left them open.


9/30:  they noticed a few kitchen cabinets were open when they came downstairs in the morning.  It puzzled them but they thought it could still be their son leaving them open.


10/1:  all the kitchen cabinets and drawers were open.  They started thinking something was not right.


10/2:  came into the kitchen to the find the barstools moved away from the breakfast bar and the cabinets doors were open.  Later that night, in master bedroom husband got up to go to the bathroom and when he came back 3 dresser drawers were open.  He had to close them to get past them so they couldn’t have been open when he left for the bathroom.


10/3:  soup bowl moved by itself on the kitchen counter.  They checked everything about it to make sure there was no liquid under it or there was any other cause that would create movement.


10/4:  door to the attic was open and the door to the basement was open.  They never leave the doors open.  That evening they saw a shadow walk through the foyer of the home.


10/5:  their bedroom closet door was open.


10/6:  wife went upstairs to take a shower.  While upstairs the bedroom door knob rattled and the door opened up.  The bedroom window shade was half up.  The bed had been made but the pillows were moved and he had wrinkles on his side of the bed.


10/7:  water pitcher spout was up, never leave it up.  When they turned the stereo on it was very loud.  When she went upstairs to her bedroom during the day there were wrinkles on her side of the bed, the blinds were open and the attic door was open.


She told me the previous owner warned her that the house had a ghost.  The previous owner said they nicknamed it Mima, short for grandma.  Wife didn’t think a lot about it, maybe thinking small things may have happened that could be explained away.  Wife did mention the dogs would bark at things not seen.  Wondered if the dogs could have absorbed the paranormal energy protecting the family and that’s what caused the dogs to get sick.  They have heard 2 knocks on their bedroom door with no one there.  Son has heard scratching in the wall in his room.  Mom & dad told him it was mice.  As far as they know, he is unaware of the activity happening in the home and that’s the way they want it.  They have noticed a light of unknown origin on the floor in the basement. Husband had a plastic bag go missing.  He found it the next day on a chair.  It was not there when he was looking for it the night before.



October 7th is when I first talked with Wife about the activity going on in their house.  They had a dinner party planned for the upcoming weekend so they were going to think about having an investigation done.


The day of the party, wife’s dressing room door was found open and the dresser drawers were open again.  Some guest saw some kitchen drawers open and then stayed the night in the downstairs bedroom.  When they awoke they found the nightstand drawer open.


Recently, the husband was upstairs taking a shower and wife heard a door slam and then her husband starting yelling something.  He wanted to know if she had come up there.  While in the shower, the dressing room door slammed shut.


10/18: the dresser drawers opened and they heard 3 knocks on the bedroom wall at night.


10/19:  Husband heard steps coming up from the basement and then heard noise in the kitchen at 9:15am.  A little while later he heard steps going down the stairs to the basement and the studio door in the basement slammed shut.  Wife was gone and didn’t come home until 10:30am.  Husband heard a voice coming from a vent.  Noticed bathroom trash can had been moved.


They thought the activity had died down after the dinner party but it has come back so they would like to know who or what it is and what it wants.  The husband feels very strongly that he does not want anyone blessing the house because he does not know them and he cannot be assured they know what they are doing.  I explained to them how we do investigations and our ethics.  The husband has had experiences with paranormal happenings since he was young.  Things just seem to happen around him.  Since this didn’t start until he moved in, it’s possible it’s something he brought into the home.


10/23 – Kitchen cupboards were open and heard noise coming from dining room.


10/24 – Dining room/kitchen area.  Wife saw possibly a second ghost – male.  She was backing out of the driveway and looked through the dining room window and saw a man bending over the dining room table.  She called her husband who was in the house to see if it was him.  He was in the kitchen out of her view.


10/25 – knocking on wall.  Kitchen cupboard was open and bar stools moved.


10/26 – Husband heard a voice while he was in the kitchen say “call Bill”.  They are stumped on that one.  Cupboards were open and guitar moved slightly out of case.


10/27 – Wife woke very early that morning from a vivid nightmare.  She dreamed her and husband were standing in laundry area looking at each other and husband started pointing to something behind her.  At that point she very vividly felt something or someone touch her whole left side.  She woke at that point.  She said it felt like someone had crawled in bed with her. Very strong perfume odor suddenly appeared while they were in the studio in the basement.  Second time this has happened.  The guitar case that had been open was found closed.


10/28 – knocking activity started around 1pm.  Still moving things around.  Moved my husband’s guitar slightly out of it’s case earlier this week.  He had closed the case the night before.  More cupboard doors opened.


10/29 – Cupboard opened and bar stools moved.  Linen cabinets upstairs were open.  In studio in basement light dimmed and brightened back up.


10/30 – 4 kitchen drawers open and cupboards were open.  Washer and dryer doors were left open for airing and they found them closed.


10/31 – 2 dresser drawers were open. Jewelry drawer was open in bedroom.  At 5pm husband was in bedroom and saw a woman’s figure open a vanity drawer when it happened.  Later several cupboards and drawers in the kitchen were open two different times.  The door to the basement was open and the stairway light was on.


11/1 – Couple got up very early that morning.  Everything seemed fine. They were both sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee.  Wife left to go to the bathroom.  Husband noticed a drawer had opened behind him and he didn’t hear it open.


11/4/2022 –




We arrived at 8:00pm.  We talked with the homeowners about the things happening around the house.  They gave us a tour of the home.


We setup our video equipment so we would capture any cupboard, cabinet or door movement.  Audio recorders were setup all over the house.  Digital pictures were taken all over the home.  During the last hour of the investigation we all gathered in the dining room area, setup a rem pod and turned on the Necrophonic App and conducted an evp session.  With the homeowners present, a few questions about the happenings in the home were possibly answered for them.  Craig set up a motion detector in the basement which didn’t go off and Rick set up a motion detector music box in the master bedroom which didn’t go off.  Rick moved the music box downstairs into the piano room and it did detect movement a couple of times.



November 4 2022

Waxing Gibbous

Illumination 86%

8 PM Cloud cover 62%

Humidity 59%

Wind 18 mph

Pressure 29.72 inches

Denise didn’t get much from the investigation except possible energy orbs.  She feels they seem to have purpose and move differently than dust.  She presents these videos to use with your discretion:

Video1, Video2, Video3, Video4, video5


No EVPs, nothing on video and my game cam the resolution was set to high so unable to send file is to big even when zipped. I had very strange orbs going in deliberate directions when no one was in or going out of the room. If you want I can try to record to my phone and send it that way, knowing that's not the ideal.  -Denise

John didn’t get any evidence.

Rick got a portion of his recorder that sounds like several voices quietly talking in the background.


Craig said he heard some noises in some of his recordings but he can’t for sure say if they are paranormal.


After going through my data I did get a few unexplained sounds.  I had set some motion detetion lights on the stairways going up along with some motion detection cat toys.  One one point, when client was over by the stairs both turned on.   I was in the basement doing an evp session and taking pictures all around the rooms.  I took a few of a mirror they had just recently hung up.  To me I see faces in the mirror but it could be pareidolia.  Face1, Face2.  As the night went on I happen to get several evps on my audio recorder that I left in the dining room.  Opera fun, stuck..I got stuck, voices after question, who's out there, yep.  Also random voices in the kitchen area on my audio recorder. Breath, man's voice, man's voice full evp, no_amplified, no_normal, yes it's cold down there.voices_after_question

We do believe this family's house has spirits but they do come and go with a few main ones belonging to the house. 

We thank this family for giving us the opportunity to investigate this fine house and we would welcome another opportunity to do it again at anther time.


Debbie Lowery


Springfield Ghost Society





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