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Saturday, March 23, 2024

Investigation at the Springfield Carriage Company Restaurant
724 E. Edwards St.
Springfield, IL
Time: 9:00pm

Investigators Present:  Debbie, Denise, Christy, Ron, Roger, Craig

Other people present – Dalton and Avery

History of the building - The house belonged to John Zellers who was originally from Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He and his wife Margaret married and came to Springfield, after their marriage in Philadelphia. He is listed as a Teamster and a farmer, and according to his obituary a tailor. The lot was bought from Elijah Iles in 1840. The Zellers appear to have built and moved into in the house sometime in the 1850s’. They stayed there until their deaths. Mary Zellers passed in 1890 and John Zellers in 1892.

The structure was renovated in 2008 to house the sister businesses — The Carriage Co. and The Chuckwagon at the Springfield Carriage Co. from 2007 to 2011.

After that, Toni Libri bought it because he always thought it was a nice historic building and deserved to be saved.  Libri said “We’re trying to restore that block to what it looked like in the 1800s.

Now, it has changed hands again.  Owner Dalton Ingram is the present owner and runs the Springfield Carriage Company Restaurant in this location.

Dalton said he was unaware of any haunting history when he purchased the building but 6 months later he is now wondering what might be going on.  He contacted the Springfield Ghost Society to see if we wanted to check it out and see what we could come up with.  Dalton said a man came into the restaurant and told him he used to live in the upper floor apartment several years back.  He believed it was haunted at that time after hearing strange noises and feeling uneasy while living there.  One person that I interviewed said they feel almost an unbearable feeling of sadness in different areas of the building.

The staff of the restaurant has expressed to Dalton that they have heard people walking around upstairs but when they go to check to see if there might be a lingering customer they find no one.  Dalton has also heard the footsteps upstairs. They hear pounding on the back wall by the kitchen like someone is outside pounding on the bricks.  When they open the door to see who might be making the ruckus no one is there.  The owner says there is a definite feeling of not being there alone. The staff hears the old doors creak as if someone is opening or shutting them but nothing seems to be moved, eerie feeling of being watched.  The most recent incident happened after they decided to pull up the flooring in the dining room and expose the original wooden floor of the building.  The next morning when they came into work two tables had two chairs each pulled away like someone had just sat in them and got up and left.  They know when they left the night before, they left the chairs all pushed in to the tables.  Also a mop that was stored in an upstairs closet was found downstairs.  They have no idea how that got downstairs.

Our investigation:

We arrived at the building at 9pm.  The owner of the building greeted us and invited us into the building.

After a tour of the building we all got our equipment setup and began the investigation.

During the tour we had just been shown the kitchen area and we were walking through the bar area when I distinctly heard a male’s voice say “Are you cold?”  No one else heard the voice.  I had goose bumps on my arms as did Denise, another investigator.  Up on playback on my audio recorder that I was carrying with me you can hear a voice.  Denise also reported she felt tightness on the back of her neck and nausea.  We all then went upstairs where extra seating was located and the balcony of the building.  The balcony is a lovely place that overlooks the neighborhood of the Lincoln Home area.  It is original to the building.  Denise and Craig had problems upstairs with batteries to their equipment draining and then throughout the night batteries were draining.  Christy said she experienced pain in her elbow after coming in off the balcony.  She wasn’t sure if that was a sign of something going on in the building but wanted to report it.

Later in the evening, Craig reported to me that he experienced what felt like static electricity around his lower legs in the same area I heard the voice.  He also experienced several of his batteries draining.

I took digital pictures throughout the building at different times during the night.  I also setup my game camera at the foot of the stairs going to the second floor.  I setup another game camera on the bar facing the waiter’s station.  I carried a digital audio recorder on my person during the whole evening.   Around 10:30pm I laid two old ugly dolls on the floor in the dining room with a motion activated light ball and invited the spirits to play with the dolls.  I also setup motion activated lights on the stairs going upstairs.  I place a motion activated light ball on the bar.  Roger had a video camera setup in the basement and video cameras setup upstairs.  Later in the evening Denise mentioned she smelled vanilla cookies so I put on my old full length apron and went to the kitchen to pretend to bake cookies, hoping it would trigger something. Later Denise told me she discovered the vanilla cookie smell was an air freshener in the bathroom.

Denise ran 3 audio recorders, one on the bar and two on the table where she sat and two game cameras, one shooting in the kitchen and the other in the doorway between the main dining room and the bar area.  Her hand held camera battery went dead with 15 minutes from arriving.

Ron’s audio only recorded for about 7 minutes upstairs. The battery meter said it had 2/3 charge, but the batteries were getting old, so it may be perfectly reasonable that they ran out.
Ron also had his video camera upstairs next to the office door. It was plugged directly into a power supply, so battery life was not an issue. There were several occurrences of lights along the beveled edge of the mirror that hangs next to the bathroom door, but they happened with enough frequency that he is sure that they were caused by headlights passing by from the street that runs next to the house. No other anomalies were seen on video other than that.

Craig’s equipment setup: He had the feeling of prickly legs in three places in the restaurant: in front of the kitchen, in front of the chest freezers in the basement and in front of the soda fountain syrup dispenser in the basement.

He had a video camera in the main dining room, a video camera in front of the chest freezers in the basement, a voice recorder in the basement, near "the hole" and a voice recorder in the upstairs dining room.  He took infrared and "full-spectrum" pictures as well.  He only had findings on the voice recorder he was wearing.



Denise’s findings:

the whistle is at the end


Roger and I were talking about 1st street and MacArthur if the properties sold, you answer yes then the whistle comes in. The machinery is so loud I almost missed it. This recorder was on the bar. It's a new recorder and I'm surprised that it picked this up, I'm impressed.


Evp at the end of this clip I think it's saying "Thank you I'll take this to grandmas".  Not sure of the last part grandma? (Found at just past 11 seconds on clip) Recorded in living room: time 10:53pm living room just told Craig about tripod so he doesn't trip, then silence that's when the evp came through.

Around 10:35pm Debbie placed some old dolls on the floor and asked the spirits to show them some attention.  Around 10:40pm Denise got a “we’ll see” on her recorder.  It was not Debbie’s voice.  It was not picked up on Debbie’s recorder that she carried with her. (found just past 7 seconds and then again at 10.5 seconds (enhanced)) on clip.

Living room: time10:57pm Debbie asks if anyone heard a squeak Roger said he heard three beeps and Debbie hears door squeaking. I hear both on this recording. (found at 12 seconds on clip).


Living room: time 11:22pm Debbie just got done asking what do you do in the basement ? Evp: time check (found at 1minute on clip.)

I don't know where we were at in the home, and I don't make out the conversation but I do hear a whistle 2 seconds into clip.

You’re talking to Dalton about the Chesapeake and something about a mat. Women voice saying oooooo, like she's creeped out. 13 seconds into clip.

Denise’s game camera was setup just in the doorway of the bar off the dining area facing towards the bathroom.  It took one picture when someone walked by.  At the bar by the stools it looks like a white fog shaped something like a persons figure.  This could be paranormal or it could be 2 infrared cameras crossing infrareds.  Very interesting though.  Then the same camera took another picture but no infrared was activated.  She thought it was odd.

Another thing she got was an orb on the doorway that changes directions.

Another was in the kitchen when she was placing her equipment.  It looks like an orb or a blinking light on the shelf.

Debbie’s findings:

After we arrived Dalton gave us a tour of his establishment and as we were coming back into the bar area I heard a man ask “Are you cold?”  (.50 sec) I heard this as if it was standing right next to me.  I also picked it up on my audio recorder I was carrying on me.

Right after arriving and receiving a tour we were all setting up our equipment when I received an evp on my personal audio recorder that says “Ok don’t tell me”.  (1 sec)

We were beginning our investigation and Roger had all his equipment laid out.  Denise was commenting on how much equipment Roger has acquired since he joined and a whistle is heard just before she says “And look at you now” (1 sec)

Around 10:12pm Denise and Roger were talking and I received a voice on my recorder that says “What?” during their conversation. (2.5 sec)

I was in the kitchen taking pictures around 10:15pm asking the spirit to show itself in the pictures when a child or female spoke up and said, “They live right here”.  (2.5 sec)

Around 10:30pm Denise was talking about the MacArthur house investigation remarking how it scared her when the client was vocal when a whistle is heard on my recorder. (6 sec) and then a sigh is heard (at 9 sec.)

We were sitting in the dining room area when I thought I heard a squeal or whistle.  Roger spoke up and said it was a series of 3 beeps.  I thought maybe someone’s camera made the noise.  Listening back on my audio recorder it picked up both the squeal and 3 beeps. (4 sec)

My game camera was sitting on the bar facing the waiters station when a voice is heard saying “Hey Devin” (2.5 sec)

Another time on the game camera on the bar a knock is heard (5 sec).  Ron seems to react to it looking up from his phone.

Another time on the game camera on the bar, the video dims for an unknown reason.  Right after that a noise or voice is heard.  Ron seems to react to it by picking up his flashlight and looks over by the waiter’s station. (11 sec).

A different game camera is setup at the foot of the stairs leading upstairs.  A moving orb is seen changing directions over the stairs.

At some point during the investigation the game camera at the foot of the stairs sounds like a voice says something and then it looks like the camera is being touched with slight movement.


Pictures were captured in the dining room as we sat around and did an evp session while the ugly dolls were on the floor.  One picture shows an orb by Dalton’s leg.

Another orb was captured above Craig’s head in front of the window in the dining room.

Another orb was captured on the top of the staircase going to the upstairs area.

I had laid the ugly dolls on the floor in the dining area and went into the bar area.  When I returned you can hear me ask the dolls if they had been good babies and minding their manners.  A voice is heard that sounds like 2 words (5 sec)

It was getting close to ending the investigation when Denise was telling Craig to be careful, that her tripod was setup just inside the bar area from the dining room.  You can hear him say “okay” and then it sounds like the same voice that says something.  It sounds like the same voice I got about the dolls.  (just before 6 sec).

Craig’s findings:

I got 9 good EVPs on the recorder I was wearing.  One said Henry (just after 2.6 sec), when we were still in the front entryway, and I caught the 'cold' (just past 3 sec) from "Are you cold".  Right after the “cold” I also got a voice saying “this was”(just past 13 sec).  I also picked up what sounds like basement whispers when I was in the basement (just past 9.5 sec).  Other evps: Someone saying Craig (just after 3sec), during the time I was packing up at the end, someone said ghost (at 2.5 sec), and yuup-ok (yuup around 3 sec, ok at 5 sec), someone said nice-niiice-ok (just after 3 sec), and I got a wretch sound just before I mentioned my legs had a prickly feeling. (just after 2 sec (sounds like a zipper)).

Rogers Findings:
Received one possible evp recorded on his Dictopro X100 audio recorder.  Roger felt he heard a third voice during the time he and Craig were talking upstairs.  I feel it’s Roger trying to muffle a laugh but it could be a third voice. (about 6 secs)



The beautiful old building definitely has spirit activity going on.  Can it be residual?  Possibly some of it is.  Some of the evps we got on our recorders also indicate intelligent spirits are present.  Many lives have passed through this old building and some have decided not to move on after death.

We appreciate this opportunity to investigate this fine old building and would welcome any other opportunity to do it again.  Thank you, Dalton for inviting us.


Debbie Lowery/Founder

Springfield Ghost Society







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