Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations

Stanton St.

Riverton, IL


History from clients:

We recently moved here we've always had unexplained things happen things falling we put that off to a draft. Sound of someone walking in the kitchen but mostly we have a 10 month old baby who is always laughing with someone . She'll just be looking at something reaching for them laughing like she's playing with them.  Recently we bought the teenagers a ouija board now the baby is scared to be alone clings to you .. She still gazes away at something but seems scared now..everyone seems to think the place is haunted I'm not here as much as they are but I've seen the baby playing with someone while laying in bed idk also our bedroom one minute can be ice cold the next hot. We share a room with the baby.  Will just recently was putting the baby down in bed and swears he heard someone breathing in his ear.




Date:  January 10, 2014

Time: 7:30

Location:  Stanton St., Riverton, IL

Weather:  Rainy, cold and windy


Investigators:  Debbie L., Rhonda J., and Karen C.


My Equipment:  Digital Recorder, Digital Camera, Video Camera, and a KII Meter


Type of Activity:  They’ve heard walking in the kitchen but mostly they’ve noticed they’re 10 month old baby interacts with someone that isn’t there.


My Findings:  From my video camera I caught an EVP of what sounded to me like a small child answering Debbie’s question with “Mama”.  Debbie had asked the spirit if there was a spirit of a young woman in there that had children.  While I was in one of the bedrooms, I heard thumps and loud taps.  Then I also heard a squeaking noise like someone getting on or off the bed.  I was already sitting on the bed and I was the only 1 in the room and everyone else was up front. 


My thought if this place has paranormal activity is undetermined because of not knowing the other investigators findings.



Submitted By:  Rhonda Jones


Craig's findings:

hey man they moved it on me

everybody's a critic

give up

thanks buddy, great service, way to go

don't feel(amplified, slow tempo)

don't do anything (amplified, slow tempo)

hey talk to me (amplified, slow tempo)

break the habit (amplified, filtered)

Debbie's findings:

energy present in one of the bedrooms

hallway orb

help us in masterbedroom

orb in bedroom

orb livingroom

orb in hallway

put that back