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Springfield Ghost Society Investigation

Springfield Ghost Society Investigation

February 4, 2017

7:00 PM

Taylor Ave

Springfield, IL

Investigators:  Debbie Lowery, Rhonda Jones, Larry & Glynus Coffey


Things happening:

Unexplained noises and some movement.  The dog acts very strangely at times, growling at the air, sometimes while acting protective.  Husband and son have angry mood swings that they both seem to be unwarranted.  Husband says he's been haunted all his life and some of his family members too.  He has a house in Pana and feels something has followed him from there.  Wife had a very real dream that something was holding her down in bed. When she finally was able to move the dog was on the bed growling at something.  Another time the dog stood over the top over her in bed when she went to take a nap.  One time wife was taking a nap and was woke up to the dog falling off the bed and a box falling off a chair in the bedroom at the same time.  She said her dog never falls off the bed.  Dog started barking at something.

She and her son has lived in this apartment for 8 years.  Husband has been there 1.5 years.



We arrived at the apartment at 7:00pm.  Talked with the client about her experiences and she gave us a tour of her home.

Most of the unexplained activity happened in the master bedroom so we concentrated our investigation there.  I had a H2N audio recorder lying on the bed and two game cameras setup on opposite sides of the room.  I carried a camera and took random pictures.  My Olympus digital audio recorder was doing weird things and would not let me set it to record so I didn’t use it.


Glynus and Larry Coffey had an audio recorder and a K2 meter which they laid on the bed.


Rhonda Jones setup a video camera in the hallway facing the bedrooms and she also set an audio recorder in the bedroom along with her K2 which she placed on the bed.  She also carried a camera and took random pictures.



The Coffey’s did not get anything on their audio recorder.  During the investigation both of them did comment they felt a goosebump feeling on a couple of occasions.


Rhonda did get a couple of audio evps but it’s hard to say if they were true evps or coming from contamination. 


I did experience the goosebumps one time during the evp session but that was all.  I picked up one possible evp of whispering but again it could be contamination.


Our conclusion is there could be something paranormal going on in this home but we were unable to find real evidence of it.  Since the dog reacts to something unseen and dark shadow figures are seen it’s hard to say nothing is happening but unfortunately we couldn’t capture anything.


Debbie Lowery/Founder

Springfield Ghost Society


SGS Taylor Ave-Springfield Investigation


Date:  February 4, 2017

Time:  7:00 P.M.

Address:  Taylor Ave., Springfield, IL

Investigators:  Debbie L., Rhonda R.J., Glynus & Larry Coffey


My Equipment:  (2) Digital Recorders, Digital Video Recorder, Digital Camera, KII EMF Meter


Client Activity:  There are 3 people that live in this apartment plus 1 dog and 1 cat.  Per client there have been unexplained noises and some movement.  Her dog acts out strangely and acts protective to the 3 people living there. Husband and son have angry mood swings off and on.  Husband said he’s been haunted most of his life.  The client/wife has for real dream of being held down on the bed and couldn’t move.     


My Evidence:  After reviewing, from my video I possibly got a strange evp that sounds like a chipmunk voice but could’ve been the son and also from my video a possible evp about an orb that moved along the wall. Here are the videos these two evps came from:  Orb (right side of the screen at the end of the clip)    child's voice (chipmunk voice)


My Conclusion:  The husband was there before we started investigating and was not in a good mood. After arriving, the husband had left the apartment about 10 minutes of our arrival. The wife/client said her husband didn’t want us there but felt an investigation needed to be done.  Beings that they live in an apartment building you're going to hear all kinds of noises.  I asked the client if her husband had messed with a Ouija board and she said he has in the past but hasn’t recently.  She told him it was not allowed and to get rid of it.


Submitted By:  Rhonda






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