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Tennyson Dr.

Springfield, IL



SGS Report – Tennyson Dr, Springfield, IL

Investigation – 9:00pm

SGS Members Attending – Julie Collins, Rhonda Jones, Debbie Lowery

Equipment Used: Sony Video Camera, Zoom H4N Digital Audio Recorder, Moultrie Game Camera, Stealth Game Camera, KII Meter, Kodak Digital Camera

House info:

 Home is 13-15 years old

She has lived there 8-9 years

This owner is the 4th owner.  2nd owner - husband died in the house.  He had Alzheimer's and cancer, his wife was sick in bed with cancer but did not die in the house.

3rd owner only lived in the house about 6 months.

Reason for Investigation:

Dog (Abby) won't sleep in the owner’s bedroom.

Owner has felt a hand rest on her shoulder late at night

Owner has felt something sit on her bed

Grandchildren are afraid to stay there.

Almost every night it sounds like a body is slammed against a wall.  When it first started it happened at 3:10am every time.  Now it's sporadic in time and days.

Owner has woken in the middle of the night and heard voices, can hear conversations sometimes with words like Olympics and possibly Bruce Jenner.  Sounds like a bad phone connection.

We began our investigation soon after arriving at the home.  I setup my video camera in the foyer facing toward the bedroom where the previous owner died.  The Moultrie Game Camera was set on the dining room table facing the same bedroom.  The Stealth Game Camera was placed in the master bedroom on the dressing facing toward the door.  I placed the Zoom H4N Audio Recorder in the living room on a table and then moved it into the master bedroom placing it on the chest of drawers.  The KII was moved as I moved from room to room.  Several pictures were taken throughout the house.


I picked up several evps in the living room area and in the master bedroom with the Zoom H4N Audio Recorder.  Some of them responded back to questions that I ask.  One was a male’s voice indicating “I need something”.  A moving orb was noted on the Moultrie game camera in the dining room.  Nothing was noted on the Sony Video recording.  The KII Meter did not respond at all.  EVP sessions were held in the living room, soft voice heard from about the middle to the end, as well as the master bedroom, voice that has been amplified at the beginning and then at the end there is a no response.  As we all sat in the bedroom conducting an EVP session, we are happy, several bangs and knocks were heard as VPs (voice phenomena, with our ears).  The Stealth Game Camera in the master bedroom did pick up a moving orb.  The only thing we’ve been able to prove is there is activity going on. 

Further investigations at the discretion of the owner will be needed to try to find out why and who they are.  The identities may never be known.  I’d like to thank the owner for inviting us into her home.


Date:  September 19, 2014
Time: 9:00 P.M.
Location:  Tennyson Drive, Springfield, IL
Investigators:  Debbie L., Rhonda J., Julie C.

My Equipment:  KII, Digital Camera, Video Recorder, Digital Recorder

Type of Activity:  Client’s dog notices things & won’t sleep in clients bedroom.  She felt a hand touch her shoulder & felt someone sitting on her bed at night.  Her grandchildren are afraid to stay with her.  At times she hears what sounds like a body being slammed up against her bedroom wall.  Wakes up in the middle of the night hearing conversations like its coming from a radio.  She has lived in this house for about 15 yrs and is the 4th owner.  The client has found  that a previous owner(male) had Alzheimer’s & cancer & passed away in the house.  His wife also died of cancer but did not pass in the house. 

My Findings:  From my digital camera I captured orbs in a room upstairs & on the stairs.  From my video recorder (placed in client’s bedroom) saw a traveling orb.  Heard noises such as small tapping and thumps.  From my digital recorder (placed in kitchen) heard a male moaning & at that time all 4 of us were upstairs.  While the client & I were standing in the kitchen talking I heard another female overlapping our conversation.  Debbie and Julie were having a different conversation about equipment.  At this time all 4 of us were in the clients bedroom doing an EVP session and you can hear knocking and a loud banging noise.  

My conclusion:  I feel there is someone in this house possibly the previous owner and possibly his wife.  They mean no harm;  just feel they are trying to find each other.

Submitted By:  Rhonda


Date of Investigation:  

September 19, 2014



Tennyson Drive

Springfield, IL


Equipment Used:

Sony Cyber-shot camera

Sony IC Voice Recorder


Evidence Found:

Sixteen of the 92 photos taken showed various sized orbs.  Most orbs showed up in pictures taken in the owner’s bedroom, but one was in the dining room and one in the upstairs bathroom.


At one point while sitting in the owner’s bedroom with the Debbie, Rhonda and the owner, I felt a presence behind me.  I felt very chilled all of a sudden and all the hair on my arms and the back of my neck stood up. This was around the time both Debbie and Rhonda commented that they saw a light or orb streak. I also saw an orb above and behind Debbie close to the same time.


I recorded audio for approximately two hours.  The owner was suffering from a cold and coughed through many sections of the recording.  I did not hear any EVP evidence. 



I feel there are spirits in the house, but have a gut feeling that this is not the Terry that the owner talks about. 


Prepared By:


Julie Collins