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Trinity St.

Springfield, IL


Trinity Ave – Springfield IL

Investigation – March 20, 2015



Investigators going: Rhonda Jones, Roberta VanHuss, Karen Conlee


Daughter will be there for the investigation.


People in the home:



2 daughters

2 dogs

1 cat



Husband has owned home for 17 years.  He has not experienced anything and does not believe in the paranormal.  Husband bought house from original owner.  Built in 50's or 60's.


Client married him 12 years ago and the activity started for her and her child immediately.  Daughter was 8 at the time.

Daughter would see a man in her room and sometimes looking in her bedroom windows.


5-6 years ago there was a picture taken of the daughter in the front yard and a face can be seen in the background


Things disappear in the home and then reappear in plain sight


20 yr old had a baby in Feb.  She lives in the basement.  Friend of her's also stays with her.  Daughter has woken up with pinch marks and so has her friend.  Baby has not shown signs of pinch marks.


Baby boppy disappeared.  It was found in the basement.  They discovered 2 magnets on it and on the magnets were the words die & evil.  They don't know where the magnets came from.


The bassinet swings by itself.


Dogs bark a lot during the night but could be something normal.  

Dogs run from the hallway to the living room whimpering.

Cat jumps a lot like it's being scared 


Debbie Lowery/Founder


Date:  March 20, 2015
Location:  Trinity Ave., Spfld
Time:  6:30
Weather:  Clear & Cool
Investigators:  Roberta V.H., Rhonda J., Karen C.
My Equipment:  KII EMF Meter, (2) Digital Recorders, Digital Camera & Digital Video Camera

Type of Activity:  The client, her daughter and a friend of the daughter's have been experiencing things for a while now.  Such as seeing an apparition of a man, getting 3 scratches in a row on there legs, pinch markings, items in home would disappear then reappear, and then they noticed these tiny magnets spelled out "Die & Evil" placed on a stuffed bear that belonged to the daughter's baby. They don't know where the magnets came from. They think that this activity likes to follow the daughters friend in the basement.  

My Findings: I placed 1 of my recorders in the basement, and the 2nd recorder placed in the front room.  My digital video was placed in the basement. Out of all my equipment listed above I didn't get anything. 

My Conclusion:  Even though I didn't get any evidence doesn't mean that there's nothing paranormal going on.  As we know these spirits have a mind of their own.  They or it just didn't want to come out and play.

Submitted By:  Rhonda  


Date:  March 20, 2015


Location:  Trinity Avenue, Springfield, IL


Investigators:  Roberta Van Huss, Rhonda Jones, Karen Conlee


Equipment Used:


Solar X-rays:  Unsettled

Geomagnetic Field:  Storm


Moon Phase:  Waxing Crescent


I had positioned my recorders in the office and in the basement.  It was a very quiet investigation with the only notable event being when we were sitting in the basement.  It appeared the light upstairs increased as if another light was turned on and then dimmed after we requested the light be turned off. 


We could not use our equipment due to the extremely high electrical readings which leads me to believe SOME of the feeling of being watched or close is do to high EMF readings.  It can cause this and other ailments as well. 

Roberta VanHuss


Karen Conlee - no report on findings