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W. Dean St.

Virden, IL


History by client:

The house I am concerned about is actually our rental home at W Dean st in Virden, Il. Our family,, (husband,myself, and 2 daughters) lived in the home for 3 yrs. The house is very old and we were told it had once been a funeral home/morgue. While we lived there we experienced doors opening and closing, computer turning on by itself late at night, feeling of being watched, and a dark apparition of a man dressed in black. We have had renters in the home for 4 or 5 months and recently asked if we had experienced any "haunting". (we never mentioned what we had experienced or the history of the home). They have told me that they hear footsteps going up and down the stairwell which had led to the morgue, voices coming from a tv that is turned off, feelings of being watched, and that their toddler and dog are acting "weird".


Springfield Ghost Society

Virden, IL. Investigation                                                                               

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Moon phase: third quarter

Investigators present: Debbie Lowery, Rhonda Jones, Carl Jones, Kim


 We arrived at the home at 7:30pm on this cold windy night and met the occupants (renters) of the home, and the owner of the home. We discussed with the occupants about the strange activites happening at the home. A walk-through was conducted of the entire home and EMF levels were checked. Surprisingly, due to the age of the home, a constant flat EMF level was consistent throughout the entire location. Several EVP sessions were conducted (results pending), and photos/video were taken.

 My initial impression on this investigation is that I do believe that there is probably paranormal activity taking place at this location at various times, due to the interview and discussion of activities upon our arrival, stories from the current owner, and stories of other former occupants of the home. Everyone that we met seems sincere to me, and are frightened enough to basically be living in just one room of the home. Their dog and their young child are also behaving strangely at times while in the home.

 My personal perception of the home at the time of our investigation, is that I felt relatively comfortable in every room that we checked out. I did not personally get any odd feelings or sensations in the home as I do in some haunted locations, and nothing happened to raise any flags of concern (paranormal-wise). Although I do feel that the occupants are quite sincere about the activities, perhaps we were just there on a quiet night. After evidence is reviewed, another update will be sent. Initial photographs taken by me show nothing unusual. Audio evidence is currently under review. We also checked out their garage before we left the location at approximately 10:15pm.


 Respectfully submitted,

 Carl Jones,

 SGS investigator

Update on Virden, IL investigation 1-24-2014:


After reviewing audio evidence, 4 possible evp's were captured on our investigation. 


At 1:11:49 into investigation, doing evp session in living room, an evp was captured after a large truck went by outside that sounds like "Hello".


In master bedroom, at 1:36:44, a possible evp that sounds like "no" just before looking into the small door area in the closet.


Also in master bedroom, at 1:37:35, a possible evp that sounds like "yeah" when talking about the snowglobes all going off.


Also in master bedroom, at 1:47:29, a possible evp that sounds like a small girl mumbling as Kim talked about the small girl, and Debbie talking also.


This concludes my evidence review for this investigation. EVP's will be attached.


Respectfully submitted,

Carl Jones

SGS Investigator



 Debbie's findings:

Bright light


here now




Date:  January 24, 2014
Time: 7:30
Location:  Virden, IL
Weather:  Rainy, cold and windy

Investigators:  Debbie L., Carl J., Rhonda J. 
Medium:  Kim

My Equipment:  Digital Recorder, Digital Camera, Video Camera, and a KII Meter, EMF/Therm meter

This is a statement made from the owners that once lived in the house  and now rent out the house.  At one time this house was a funeral home/morgue.  People that lived in this house experienced activity themselves.  They heard footsteps going up and down the stairwell that led to the morgue.  Doors opening and shutting, feeling of being watched and they saw a dark apparition of a man dressed in black.  Also, another resident that lived in the house with his family had committed suicide in one of the bedrooms.

Current Activity:  The current renters experience the same type of activity that the owners experienced. 

My Findings:  After going through all of my equipment I found nothing.    

My Final Thoughts:  Even though I didn’t experience anything myself and didn’t get anything on my equipment doesn’t mean anything.  I didn’t get a feeling though of anything being harmful.

Submitted By:  Rhonda Jones