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Woodland Rd.

Chatham, IL


History from owner -


We just purchased our house at the end of April and are still working on getting completely settled in. During our first month, while we were still painting and unpacking, we had doors close by themselves and we heard footsteps of what sounded like a small child running in my sons room, while my fiancée and I were in the basement. When I went up to check on my son, he was asleep. A couple days later, while we were painting the basement, and it was just my fiancée and I in the house, she was coming downstairs and someone whispered in her ear, "don't turn around." We have walked in to our daughters room in the morning to wake her up and her floor lamp will be on (it is not controlled by the switch on the wall and she cannot reach it on the light to turn it on). And, most recently, last night my fiancée told me that she heard our bedroom door open and then heard something rustling through our hamper. She looked over and saw someone standing by our bedroom window and they made eye contact. She thought it was me, but rolled over in bed and I was asleep next to her. She said she turned back around to look and it was gone.


I had had multiple experiences at the apartment that I lived in before purchasing our house, but was pretty much isolated to seeing things in different places than where I left them. The weirdest thing that happened was two dark handprints on the living and bedroom wall; to small to be mine or my fiancées, and too large to be our children's. Since moving to the new house, my fiancée is the one experiencing most of the activity, and now it has escalated to full-blown premonitions...


Date:  6/20/14

Time start:  8:00 PM

Location:  Woodland Dr. Chatham IL

Investigators:  Rhonda Jones, Debbie Lowery, Roberta Van Huss

Equipment Used:

  RCA digital recorder

  Olympus digital recorder

  Sony digital recorder

  Coolpix L610 Nikon 16M Black and white

         setting with external light

  8 mp game cam set on video


Weather - Time Taken:  6:18 pm

Temperature:  83o

Dew point:  64o

Humidity: 52%

Pressure:  29.80" steady

Precipitation:  clear


Solar X-rays:  Active

Geomagnetic Field:  Quiet


Moon Phase:  waning crescent 38% illuminated


Equipment placement:  Olympus with me; RCA daughters room; Sony master bedroom; and. Game cam in master bedroom


Saw man about mid to later 50s in master bedroom doorway, dark hair and dark eyes.  A handsome man and very well kept.  Not totally sure of age as he appears to be a vain person and could be coloring hair.  I wasnt able to use the Mel EMF meter because of too much electrical interference.  Earlier had taken a tour and in the basement the homeowners had stated they had felt like being watched but doing a reading of a very large aquarium I believe that to be the reason.  I received a reading of 7.0 which is extremely high and would cause such a feeling.


9:07 Sat in master to see if I could get more of a feel for him.  Can feel another presence but can't see who it is or the age.  Lots of commotion with kids.


While sitting in the master bedroom I could feel tightness in my throat and felt as if there had been a suicide in the house.  It was later when Debbie came in that she asked me about it as she was feeling the same regarding the suicide and asking about the tightness she stated she felt it in her chest like an asthma attack.  I now wonder if perhaps there had been two deaths, one by suicide and one by heart attack. 


At 9:19 I heard a noise in the corner where I was sitting and my game cam was pointing.  I had one of their cats with me and when I heard the noise she heard it as well.  Upon review of the video from the game cam I picked up a white shadow moving just in the corner of the video.  There were a lot of dust particles floating around the room in my video that I believe was from the cat being in the room and me petting it.


On my recorders was the following:


My Olympus was with me and I received no EVPs only Debbie talking faintly as she did an EVP session in the basement.


My RCA was in the daughters room and didnt receive any EVPs until the very end when it was retrieved and I was turning it off.  I have no clue what is being said.  EVP.mp3


My Sony was in the master bedroom on the dresser.  It also picked up Debbie during her EVP session but it also picked up some knocking.  Knock.mp3


Game Cam was set up in master bedroom pointing to far corner on the closet wall.  Captured the white shadow moving to the left of the video.  MFD0019.avi.  Also, received a different form of moving orb in the upper frame taken just a minute after the white shadow all the other was definitely dust and blurry.  MFD0020.avi.  I also need to note that the temperature on my game cam stayed steady in the 70s up until the last 15 or so minutes of the investigation where it climbed from the lower 70s to the upper 90s, 97 to be exact.  This was during the time Debbie was in the room with me doing an EVP session and we were experimenting with the VOX.  When I turned it off it was NOT hot to the touch and when checking other investigations the temperature did not deviate from the temperature in the room.



Time end:  10:04





Springfield Ghost Society Report

Date:  June20, 2014 & July 11, 2014
Time:  8 P.M. & 9 P.M.
Location:  Woodland Rd, Chatham
Weather:  Decent temps & clear
Investigators:  Debbie L., Roberta V. H., Rhonda J., Karen C.  

My Equipment:  2 Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, Video Camera, KII 2

Activity Per Client:   First month of clients moving into the house, they heard footsteps, voices, an apparition was seen and in the bedroom 1 of the clients saw someone standing at their clothes hamper going through the clothes.  She thought it was her fiancée but looked over and he was in bed asleep.  

My Findings:  I got a few evps of which 1 was really strange.  It was a female saying “Happy Birthday”.  Also, a loud banging sound which came from the kitchen area.  From my video I captured traveling orbs, orb1, orb2, orb3, orb4.
Other evps: old man, sandwich, seth,strange hello, strange voice, strange noise, thump.
Submitted By:  Rhonda Jones