Springfield Ghost Society

Haunted Investigations

Woodland Rd.

Chatham, IL



Date/Time:  July 11, 2014 8:10 PM


Location: Woodland Dr. Chatham IL  


Investigators:  Debbie Lowery, Rhonda Jones, Roberta Van Huss, Karen Conlee


Equipment Used:


Weather - Time Taken:  8:42  pm

Temperature:  81o

Dew point:  69o

Humidity:  54%

Pressure:  30.09”

Precipitation:  cloudy


Solar X-rays:  Active

Geomagnetic Field:  Quiet


Moon Phase:  Full Moon


After setting RCA recorder in the master bedroom and the Sony in the daughter’s room, I sat in the daughter’s room with the recorder I carry with me.   While sitting in there, I captured on my Olympus 4 knocks, or someone walking around.  The area is carpeted


While in the daughter’s room I saw a small dark shadow come in and sit in the child’s chair next to the closet and left just as quickly.  In the beginning I thought I saw a little boy and little girl but they didn’t stay very long.  While we were doing our EVP session in the living room both Debbie and I saw the children standing at the top of the stairs, start to come down, and returned upstairs.  I believe they are extremely shy.  As for if they are brother and sister, I cannot say.


It appeared to be a quiet night; however, after reviewing my recordings I captured several EVPs. chanting, knocking, knocking2, man's voice, mine, thump, voice, we, orb1, orb2.


Roberta VanHuss




Springfield Ghost Society Report

Date:  June20, 2014 & July 11, 2014
Time:  8 P.M. & 9 P.M.
Location:  Woodland Rd, Chatham
Weather:  Decent temps & clear
Investigators:  Debbie L., Roberta V. H., Rhonda J., Karen C.  

My Equipment:  2 Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, Video Camera, KII 2

Activity Per Client:   First month of clients moving into the house, they heard footsteps, voices, an apparition was seen and in the bedroom 1 of the clients saw someone standing at their clothes hamper going through the clothes.  She thought it was her fiancée but looked over and he was in bed asleep.  

My Findings:  I got a few evps of which 1 was really strange.  It was a female saying “Happy Birthday”.  Also, a loud banging sound which came from the kitchen area.  From my video I captured traveling orbs, orb1, orb2, orb3, orb4.
Other evps: old man, sandwich, seth,strange hello, strange voice, strange noise, thump.
Submitted By:  Rhonda Jones


Debbie received these evps:  couple hours_we'll see, I'm peeved, what I want you to do, You're going to be sorry

This home does have paranormal activity happening.  We haven't found out enough information to determine why.