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Yale Blvd

Springfield, IL



Yale Blvd

Springfield, IL


Owner woke up in her bedroom and the tv was shaking, looked like it was in 3D and it was really loud.  She could hear several voices talking at the same time.

Son is 30 yrs old.  He can hear voices in his room

Things have been thrown in his room

He claims an unseen animal has chased him

He felt like he was thrown about in his room

Another son Larry has no problems

They want us to come in to see if we can find out why all this is happening to her son.

After investigating a portal was discovered in the basement of the home.  It looked as though the people who lived there before had a dance studio in the basement. One wall had a huge mirror on it.  While taking pictures in the basement several figures appeared in the mirror.  We feel this is where all the spirits have been getting through.  We suggested they removed the mirror.  There was also an old chifferobe left in the basement which just happened to sit next to the mirror.  Bad vibs were coming from it also.  It was suggested they remove this also.  Pic1  Pic2.  Also as I had my video camera facing towards the mirror it looks as if a figure is standing behind my camera. 


Date: 10/12/13


Location:  2629 Yale Blvd, Springfield, IL


Investigators:  Debbie Lowery, Rhonda Jones, Roberta Van Huss


Equipment Used:  RCA, Olympus, and Sony recorders,  Coolpix L610 Nikon 16M Black and White low light setting with no flash.


Weather - Time Taken:  7:07 PM

Temperature:  65o

Dew point:  47o

Humidity: 51%

Pressure: 30.08%

Precipitation:  Clear


Solar X-rays: Active

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet


Moon Phase: 62% illuminated


Started 9:30 NOTE:  there is a chatty bird. The house is very small.   When someone talks or walks in one room can hear all over the house.


9:23 - went to middle boys room to see if I pick up on anything.  This is the room where most of the activity occurs.


9:39 - too much talking and moving about to pick up on anything as of yet.


After the middle son was finished coming and going in the room, I shut the door to block out some of the talking and to get a feel of the room.


9:50 - saw a quick bright light on the wall by the closet and where the window is.   Debbie was taking photos on the front porch. I had her do a test and  the flash from her camera was seen only through a small area at the bottom of the window and not where I saw the light.  I also noted when cars drove by where the headlights hit and it wasnt on this wall either.


10:07 - picked up on a red headed or fair haired young man about mid 20.  Car accident, red sports type car, initial J.  This was HIS room and hes not very happy with having another person use it.


10:32 saw dark shadow in corner between windows behind Rhondas camcorder.


10:40 Rhondas K2 flickered the same time I saw a dark image standing next to her.  She was sitting on the chair.  Picked up on the name Jay, country road.   Car went off road into wooded area.


10:47 saw a faint orb behind Rhonda by closet wall.


10:50 saw what looked like a hand raise up in front of Rhonda as she sat at the foot of the bed.   I thought it was her brushing her bangs out of her face but it was the opposite hand from what she uses, it was a right hand, she uses her left.


10:59 I felt a cold breeze circle around.  The air conditioning wasnt on at the time and no remaining air was coming from the register.  I put my hand to the wall register to be sure.


I had a little chat with Jay regarding leaving the new occupant of his room alone so that he could sleep.  I was firm but nice. I didnt feel any negativity from him.


While in the homeowners room getting my recorder, felt the presence of a mother type Mary.  Investigation ended.


Findings: laughing, noise, R_Cory, R_knock, R_knock2, R_knock3, R_noise2, R_noise3, talking, R_whoop


I checked back with the owner a month later and she said they removed the items from the house the day after we were there and the activity has stopped.